About the coverage – April 12th

A signed article with insight about an area of interest is a great way to get coverage. One example it’s this recent one we generated for our new client Freshworks.

This article by Simon Johnson, General Manager of Freshworks in UK and Ireland, was published as an exclusive on Callcenter, a subdivision of Clientes SA, one of the most important business websites in Brazil. It was featured as a highlight in it’s homepage.

It lists five tips to ensure on-line chats meets client expectations. Coverage like this helps the brand to stablish itself as a leading and a reference in it’s developing softwares to increase collaboration among teams and helping them connect and communicate better with their customers and co-workers.

Read it here: http://callcenter.inf.br/artigos/66436/dicas-para-garantir-que-chats-atendam-expectativas/ler.aspx

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