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Socialbakers on social media in Brazil

Socialbakers hires Sherlock Communications to boost Brazilian profile

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As you might have read in The Holmes Report and PR Week, we’re delighted to announce that, following a competitive process, global social media analytics company Socialbakers has appointed Sherlock Communications as its retained agency for the Brazilian market.

Sherlock has been tasked with developing and executing a social media strategy to move Socialbakers out from specialist marketing and media titles, broadening the company’s profile to a more senior buyer audience through national, vertical and business media and on-the-ground events. The campaign will focus on promoting Socialbakers unique expertise and product suite in social media analytics, marketing and customer care.

Founded in 2009, Socialbakers is an enterprise social media analytics platform that enables brands to measure, compare, and contrast the success of their social media campaigns with competitive intelligence. To date, the company has received more than US $30 million in investment and more than 2,500 clients across 100 countries, including half of the Global Fortune 500 companies.

Sherlock will also be building the profile of Socialbakers Global and LATAM management team as industry leaders and raising the firm’s corporate profile as one of the world’s most successful tech start-ups of the last decade.

Consumer engagement on social media channels in Brazil is higher than in almost any other market and there is a very real need for brands and agencies to both understand and handle and extremely high volumes of interactions and enquires.

However, for many senior managers, there is a perception that social media is still something of a wild west, with genuine business value and insight hard to find.

As long-term users and admirers of Socialbakers’ products here at Sherlock, we are relishing debunking that myth.

Cesar Christoforidis, VP LATAM & S. Europe, Socialbakers commented “We were looking for an agency that not only had a deep understanding of our sector and the Brazilian market, but also one that had the international credentials, linguistic skills and service structure to fully integrate with our wider global marketing and comms operation. Sherlock Communications immediately impressed us with their proactivity, multi-market knowledge and contacts, and have quickly established themselves as an extension of our internal team.”


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Miraviva hires Sherlock Communications

Luxury travel designer Miraviva hires Sherlock Comms for international content and social media brief

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As you may have read in The Drum, Mirava has appointed Sherlock Communications as its retained international content and social media agency.

Sherlock has been briefed with promoting Miraviva’s tailor-made holidays and experiences, targeting existing and high net worth clients in European, LATAM and North American markets, with an interest in exploring Latin America.

The campaign, which will span online, social media, PPC networks and direct channels, will focus on conveying Miraviva’s in depth, first-hand knowledge of the region, as well as its bespoke, consultative approach to itinerary planning and design.

Founded in 2012, Miraviva has grown rapidly to become the market leader in high-end Latin American travel design. Covering Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Uruguay, the company arranges tailor-made holidays and experiences across the continent for individuals, couples and small groups. The Miraviva team have visited more than 500 boutique hotels, eco-lodges, converted historic properties, design hotels, private villas, luxurious expedition cruises and private yachts offer guests a highly diverse range of bespoke holidays based on personal experience and knowledge.

Latin America is still a relatively unknown quantity for many high-end travellers but, over the last 15 years, improved service standards and new connections have made it a luxury option to rival any in the world.

Few operators have the level of personal insight and passion as the Miraviva team and, from a comms point of view, the challenge is very simple; turning that passion into compelling content and creative executions that speak for themselves.

Marc Eschauzier, Founder and Managing Director of Miraviva, said:

“As a team obsessed with Latin America, it was extremely important to us to work with an agency which not only has a strong strategic and digital skillset, but also one that had a similarly in depth understanding of the region. Sherlock’s unusual British, Brazilian heritage immediately shone through from the other proposals we saw and this, combined with their international reach, made the team a natural fit for Miraviva.”


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Marketing in Brazil

What do a president and a beer brand have in common?

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AmBev v. Zika – the power of Brazilian cause marketing

You would have to have been on another planet not to have seen not the international  coverage of the Brazilian Zika crisis over the last three months. What you may not have seen are the many initiatives of domestic Brazilian brands and public figures, using the crisis as a communications platform. But what do a president and beer company have in common?

The most obvious, albeit brief, beneficiary of the crisis was the beleaguered President Dilma, who wasted no time in rallying for political unity, declaring “war” on the mosquito. For a short period this seemed to work, as her terminally low approval ratings saw a slight lift. But this was only ever going to be fleeting in the face of ever louder calls for her impeachment and the continuing developments of operation Lava Jato (car wash), most notably last week’s brief questioning of former president Lula.

A far more successful exponent has been AmBev, the largest drinks business in Latin America, and owner of old Brazilian staples such as Brahma, Skol and Antartica.

The two are not as disconnected as you might think.

Ambev – #naoficoparado

AmBev too has not been without its challenges in the last year. Brazil is its second biggest market and the weakened economy has had an inevitable effect on beer sales. Unlike the President Dilma though, its response to the Zika crisis has been altogether more impactful and and mobilised.

As part of its “I won´t stand still” #naoficoparado marketing campaign, its 32,000 employees have been given time to distribute more than two million leaflets and posters in bars and restaurants across the country, while breweries and distribution centres are being incentivised to come up with their own initiatives to combat the virus.

Across social media, the company is using celebrity fronters such as Preta Gil and Ticiane Pinheiro, to spread informative health videos and posts under the hashtag, while players from the state football championships entered the field for last weekend´s games carrying campaign messages.

The campaign reached its peak yesterday with a major TV campaign fronted by Brazilian comedian and television personality Sabrina Sato. The campaign features the tag line “Pior que água parada é você parado – vamos virar esse jogo” (inelegantly translated, “worse than halted water is a halted you, let´s turn this around”) featuring a sequence of actors turning over bottles, pots, old tires any containers that hold water, breeding sites for the Aedes mosquito.

The power of political rhetoric

Two things are striking in the campaign. First, the fact that it features no product shots or brand names, openly saying at one point that though the commercial was originally intended for AmBev products,  AmBev is “doing its part” and has “space for this movement” through its ads and posters.

Second, that the language and rhetoric used are markedly political in their overtones.

Voiced by various actors, the script reads “history has shown that together we can face any problem…it will not be a mosquito brings us down” [something that could have come from Dilma herself last month] continuing, perhaps more in keeping with the public mood, “this is a revolution that starts in the streets. That starts indoors”.

With major manifestaçoes (protest demonstrations) planned in the streets of the country´s cities this weekend, and the inevitable pot banging panelaços to follow from people´s kitchens, the campaign could not be better placed in terms of the current political temper.

In a country where large companies are famous for slow-moving bureaucracy, and where political reference is, to say the least, risky territory for any brand, this is classic example of the kind cause marketing that Brazil does differently to any country in the world.


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