China’s National Tourist Office partners with Sherlock Communications to promote event in Latin America for the first time

By October 29, 2018Blog
China Tourism Night

A night of dancing, music, and food brought together tourism representatives of two of the world’s largest nations – China and Brazil. The celebration held on Friday, October 19th, called “China Tourism Night 2018: The Charm of Yangtze River” made its Latin America debut. Over 32 people from the Chinese tourism delegation representing destinations along the Yangtze River met with top Brazilian agents and tour operators.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China hosted the dinner at the Sheraton WTC in São Paulo and was organized by China’s National Tourist Office in New York and Sherlock Communications to celebrate the cultural and touristic attractions of both countries.

Ceremony gathered Brazilian and Chinese tourism agents to celebrate attractions from both countries

Several key authorities were present, and speeches emphasizing cooperation between Brazil and China marked the evening. “According to recent data from the World Tourism Organization, Chinese tourists’ expenditure abroad reached US$ 257.7 billion, which contributed greatly to tourism and the global economy,” said Zhang Xilong, deputy general director of the Bureau of International Exchange and Cooperation of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China. “We hope to share with the Brazilian tourism industry the opportunities brought by the rapid development of China’s tourism industry”.

Alisson Braga de Andrade, general coordinator of Competitive and Market Intelligence at Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute), highlighted Brazil’s efforts to strengthen relations with China and boost tourism flow. Magda Nassar, president of Braztoa and vice president of Abav, emphasized the role of Brazilian operators in this growth, pointing out the commercialization of R$ 12.7 billion in tourism products in 2017. Orlando Lindório de Faria, Municipal Secretary of Tourism and Executive Secretary of the Mayor of São Paulo, emphasized the multiculturality of the city and the receptivity to the businesses and people of China.

The ceremony brought dance and music performances from both countries. China’s entertainment was the Spring Chant, a traditional Chinese fan dance about Spring, and the Girls of Buddha. Brazil boasted an acrobatic demonstration of Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines dance and music, and a pocket show of Bossa Nova classics.

A raffle brought the night to life with typical gifts from each Chinese region including tea, a porcelain set, leather wallets, a traditional silk scarf, and even tickets for a cruise along the Yangtze River. The main prize was a last-generation Macbook Pro.

The event was covered by main trade outlets such as Brasilturis, HotelierNews, Panrotas, and Mercado & Eventos.

All images can be seen here. Credit: Thais Falcão.

CNTO Event - Hosts

CNTO Event - Dancers

CNTO Event - Girls Dancing

CNTO Event- Capoeira

Brasil.São Paulo. Noite do Turismo da China. Data: 19 de outubro de 2018. Local: Sheraton Hotel. Fotógrafa: Thaïs Falcão/Olho do Falcão.

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