Educador Inspirador winner flies to Quizlet’s HQ

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The Educador Inspirador campaign came to an amazing end in January. The national winner, selected for his brilliant work with his use of technology in his classes in the rural part of the Brazilian state of Paraná, has been joined by one of his students who nominated him for the award in a trip to San Francisco, prize.

After having their passports and VISAs approved sometime in 2018, it was time to fly to San Francisco and visit not only Quizlet‘s headquarters, the company that created the award but Stanford University, a world leader in education, as well as Silicon Valley, home of some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

The campaign to find our Quizlet inspiring teacher has won a number of international prizes including a commendation for “Best Campaign in Latin America” at the 2018 PR Week Global Awards and “Best Technology Campaign in Latin America” at the 2018  SABRE Awards.

The teacher

Claudinei Ferreira Gundim teaches History and Geography to 300 students from two public schools in Nova Tebas, a city with less than 6 thousand inhabitants in the rural area of Paraná. He started teaching in 2011 with a clear goal in mind: add technology to his classes and to the way his students learn, and he refused to let go of that dream even with the huge challenges faced in the rural area, such as limited internet access and equipment.

For instance, many of his students don’t even have a computer at home, nor a smartphone. When they do, chances are it’s old, slow and its memory its way to low to even have more than 5 apps installed. He started looking for ways to accomplish his goal until he found Quizlet, an education platform that allowed him to do so, by letting his students take online tests and other exciting features the Quizlet app and website offers.

The award

He was rewarded by, years later, becoming the winner of the Educador Inspirador Award, promoted by Quizlet. More than 500 professionals were nominated for it by their students. In the second phase, three semifinalists per State were selected by a Quizlet jury, and popular vote defined the representative of each one.

Claudinei received the most votes, becoming the winner of Paraná and the second most voted among all 27 states. The grand finale consisted of analyzing the profiles and educational projects of the candidates by consultants and professionals from Quizlet. Claudinei was announced as the winner in a TV report, and you can watch that clip on the video above.

Inspiring Educators from some of the 27 states of Brazil

Inspiring Educators from some of the 27 states of Brazil


The travel

Going back to the prize, the teacher and student had 5 days they will never forget. It was their first time leaving Brazil, and the visit to the already mentioned Quizlet headquarters, where they had  Q&A session with the company founder and CEO – Andrew Sutherland and Matthew Glotzbach. They then toured Stanford University and watched the Golden State Warriors X Chicago Bulls NBA game.  They also did a tour of San Francisco’s iconic attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, PIER 39 and Fisherman Wharf.  Have a look at some pictures below:

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