Top 5 tips and secrets for working with Influencers in Brazil and Latin America

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Influencers in Brazil

Brazilians, like Latin Americans, are heavy users of mobiles and various social media platforms. This presents an ideal opportunity for companies doing business online. Influencers are a great way to promote posts by companies but this is only one aspect of a much larger universe.

Working with influencers has the potential to add a lot to a campaign if you have the right assistance in choosing what to post, how and who to work with. By distributing valuable, relevant and consistent online content, it can attract and retain the target audience, so increasing profit for companies.

To ensure this is achieved, Sherlock Communications, a state of the art Brazilian and Latin American PR and digital marketing agency, have selected 5 tips for working with influencers in Brazil and Latin America.


1 – Know what you are doing

To ensure success, it’s essential to have clearly defined objectives, budget, as well as a strong target influencer profile who matches the client’s brand and objectives.

Also, we set ‘key performance indicators’ (KPI), marketing objectives used to evaluate the campaign. This could include improve content promotion, social media reach, post engagement, and increase followers etc.

Finally, it’s important to identify the most relevant platform (s) best suited for the campaign. This could include the most well-known ones: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.


2 – Think all possible content format

When it comes to content, social media posts on individual ‘personalities’ accounts is only one option when considering how to work with influencers in Brazil and Latin America.

In addition to the well-known platforms, there are others that should be considered: listicles, photo stories, Facebook Live broadcasts, radio and TV interviews, reviews, gifting guest posts, giveaways, events, affiliate markets –  and media partnerships.


3 – Followers are not everything!

When it comes to who to work with, looking at those with the most followers is limiting as many followers don’t respond and engage as people initially think. Other accounts with fewer followers can achieve the same objectives. Sherlock Communications has developed a search method to find the most suitable accounts through hashtag searches and a number of influencer search tools to determine engagement.


4 – Having a relationship can and will facilitate things

Sherlock Communications has an established list of trustful and professional influencers who cover key lifestyle segments. This list is wide-ranging but including fashion and style; family; art; sport and activities; honeymoons; beauty; gastronomy; travel; design; and photography. These influencers are looking to cultivate long-term relationships with related brands. Where suitable  Sherlock Communications has used influencers as press spokespeople for our clients.


5 – Posting is only half the job

Monitoring and evaluating the campaign, using the set KPIs, is paramount as shows the campaigns key achievements and successes plus areas to learn and improve on. Sherlock Communications wants to exceed the objectives hence we also use incentive bonuses for exceeding goals. We monitor and evaluate results, and optimizing our strategy to increase the impact and better achieve objectives. This can be done by analysing other channels and the expected results.


This kind of influencer expertise ensures the money invested generates the highest reach and engagement possible. Companies and brands need to show these results in any campaign work. Sherlock Communications is here to offer this know-how.


If you would like to learn more about our PR Agency in Brazil and Latin America to find out how Sherlock Communications can help you meet your objectives on Doing Business in Brazil, do drop us a line at

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