Marketing international tourism to Brazilians: the goldmine of opportunity

By October 26, 2018Blog
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It seems like everyone wants to visit Brazil on holiday, doesn’t it? The endless sandy beaches, the raucous parties of Carnival, the culture oozing from every crevice causes tourists to flock to the country in mind-boggling numbers. But what of Brazilian tourism internationally?

Brazilians seem to be travelling abroad more than ever, with a 14% increase in international trips between 2012-2015 (OECD) even in the midst of political upheaval. Travel seems to remain resolutely on the mindset of the Brazilians, no matter what!

The booming tourism may present a brilliant opening for your company in a strong Brazilian market. Read on as we outline five of the greatest assets that can be drawn upon to promote your business to potential new customers.

The vast urban population

Brazil’s metropolitan population should be seen as the jewel in the nation’s crown when assessing the business opportunities in the country, with the metropolis of São Paulo alone having a population of 21.5 million – dwarfing the population of nearly ¾ of the world’s countries alone.

The overall population of 210 million, spread across a vast patchwork of cultures and cities presents a varying range of approaches for success, however, knowledge of this diverse market is key to maximising results.

Global Cultural ties

As we touched on briefly before, the number of different cultures can be attributed to its growth from mass immigration. Large-scale historical immigration, especially from Italian and Japanese people (Brazil holds the largest cultural Japanese population outside Japan), provides some pretty neat information to remember when Brazilians are seeking out new and exciting destinations to explore.

Spend Spend Spend

A staggering $20 billion was spent by Brazilians on international tourism alone in 2015 (OECD), further proving the burgeoning middle class really love to put money into their dream holidays!

It’s certainly true the economic and political crises of recent years have put a dent in the reputation of the Brazilian economy, however, it has maintained the status of being the 8th largest economy globally and is growing yet again, so the future remains bright.

Brazilians adore social media

Social media engagement is particularly high within Brazil – 92% of internet users use at least one social media platform, and crucially spend an average of 3.8 hours daily (!) online.

There’s an appetite to travel internationally, and with the increasing trend travel and tourism ‘influencers’ and photography pages already whetting the appetites of many for exploration, new waves of travellers may be imminent.

A receptive market

It goes without saying that breaking into a new market is a challenge for any business, no matter the size or experience they have. This said the Brazilian market is often extremely receptive to foreign goods and services – likely a trickle-down effect of the very tolerant society as a result of the cultural patchwork mentioned previously.

Doing business in Brazil does not come without its challenges as with anywhere in the world, although adapting to these challenges can be extremely smooth when guided by those with specific market experience to negotiate certain Brazilian intricacies.

Challenges include a rather extensive amount of red tape to hurdle, coupled with high tax rates and infrastructure which needs improvement. The major political crisis appears to be mostly over at the moment, however, could throw up some unpredicted future events to cause some minor issues – however, Sherlock Communications is always on hand to provide expertise and friendly know-how.

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