How can PR help save a brand’s image with crisis management?

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A good crisis management strategy is key to preserve your reputation in LATAM during hard times.

Whether it’s from user data exposure, criticism and problems with the products or services offered, or complaints and accusations against the spokesperson, there are several ways in which a company can find itself in a crisis. In such a critical moment, it’s essential to have an experienced PR and communication team prepared to deal with crisis management.

It is important to keep in mind that this type of event (needing image management to combat any crisis) can happen to any company, and panicking despair at the situation is not the most effective way of solving it. In fact, entrusting the crisis management process to anyone who is well prepared, such as a public relations agency with proven experience, is the first step you should make in preserving the brand’s image to weather any storm and reinvigorate the name afterwards.

Having a plan is the foundation of any successful crisis management, and this plan will be outlined well in advance of any crisis. Preparing a strategy ahead of time makes the whole process of reacting to the crisis faster and more efficient.

The moment the crisis emerges, the first recommended action is typically to evaluate what really happened or acknowledge the failure. When accomplishing this task, having the right approach, tone and choice of words is of utmost importance. A PR agency will know what – and more importantly, how – to do it.


Crisis management beyond the press

Side actions are part of the crisis management process. At Sherlock Communications, for example, our public relations team will address your company’s strengths in press materials to be created and outreached, ensuring that positive coverage is generated Throughout the crisis management process. The team dedicated to digital marketing will constantly monitor social media, reporting and acting quickly on new developments and noting relevant changes in public reaction.


Use our experience in your favour

As a truly international PR agency, Sherlock Communications’ Latin America expertise will allow us to work with your company in actions such as identifying and media training a response team of in-house spokespeople, developing internal and employee engagement and reassurance campaigns, conducting risk assessment audits, and creating a post-crisis analysis and ongoing reputation recovery measures. Whether a crisis emerges or not, it’s important to be ready for it, as, in crisis management, failing to plan is planning to fail.

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