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By October 18, 2019Blog, Heroes in LatAm
charity in chile

Chile is characterised by its solidarity, having had a history marked by natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and forest fires, among others. Also, Chileans have always come together to help those who have been affected and literally, “to raise the country again”.

There are also many foundations that work for the benefit of various other causes – one of them is Acción de Calle. Formed by a group of natives and united only by the spirit of solidarity, it seeks to help those on the streets and those in a position of social vulnerability, regardless of age, origin or gender.

Acción de Calle was created in 2013, and currently assists those in three municipalities in Santiago. Every Tuesday, at around ten o’clock at night, volunteers visit hospitals, parks, and downtown to provide sandwiches, tea, coffee, milk, clothing and company to around 250 rough sleepers, all with from contributions from volunteers and the general public.

They also run seasonal campaigns such as the Winter Campaign (special dinner delivery, a set of personal toiletries and a warm clothing kit), the Christmas Campaign (Christmas dinner, personal hygiene set, underwear and gifts) and give tours to the public to raise awareness about the plight of rough sleepers and why the foundations work is important in Santiago.

charity in chile“In cold months we collect and deliver every week clothes, blankets, sleeping bags and tents, not only in our usual places but in all sectors where our volunteers detect vulnerable friends” says journalist and volunteer, Silvana González.

All these activities keep the foundation on a permanent collection campaign, looking for individuals or companies that can contribute with supplies, funds or volunteers who are willing to join to maintain year-round this beautiful relationship with those in most need.

“Through a sincere and selfless help, today we are able to support the needed in their most basic needs, such as food, shelter and hygiene. But our project, which was born with a thermos and some glasses of coffee, seeks in the future to give these people guidance from professionals in the field of health, legal and social, also social reintegration and personal growth. For this we are in search of a property in the capital that serves as a headquarters, cellar, dining room and temporary bedrooms. Do not forget that while we eat and sleep comfortably, many people suffer the rigors of the street, cold, heat and hunger, just meters from our homes or workplaces”, explains Silvana.

It’s also worth noting Acción de Calle, as with many similar foundations, also accepts donations such as food for our four-legged friends, often the ever-faithful companions of those on the streets.

To get in contact with Acción de Calle directly for donations or to find out more, contact them by email:

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