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What is the typical Brazilian social media diet?

By February 5, 2016PR Strategy
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Kantar IBOPE Media recently released a revealing infographic showing a ‘panoramic overview’ of the typical Brazilian’s social media consumption habits in 2015, based on the Target Group Index, polling 20,000 Brazilians.

For the benefit of any international PR or marketing professionals who don’t speak Portuguese, we’ve pulled out some of the headline findings below:

Paid TV and simultaneous browsing on the rise

37% of Brazilians watch TV and browser the internet at the same time, watching TV for an average of four and half hours.

The most popular Brazilian TV content is news programmes, films and novellas. 61% of Brazilians say that television advertising is interesting and stimulates conversation.

There has been a 77% increase in paid TV customers since 2010 and consumers, across all TV, show a slight female bias.

Radio still exceptionally a powerful social media

44% of Brazilians listen to radio every single day and it is the principal form of entertainment for 27% of people who live in the populated urban areas in the South and South East.

21% of listeners are between 25 to 34. 42% are class B. The most popular content is music (88%), local news (49%) and, inevitably, traffic updates (35%)

Brazilians spend approximately 3.33 hours online per day. There are fractionally more female “internauts” (53%) than male while 51% come from class B demographic.

Two thirds access the net via smart phones

64% access the net via smart or feature phones, 48% via note books and  45% by desktop.

The most popular online activities for Brazilians are exchanging instant messages (84%), social media (82%) and email (62%).

Local news most popular in newspapers and magazines

A fractionally higher proportion of women read magazines than men while the reverse is true of newspapers.

Only 40% of Brazilians agree that newspapers keep them accurately informed.

The most popular content in Brazilian newspapers is regional or local news (82%), first page stories (72%), national news (70%), international news (47%), sport (46%).

For magazines, it is Brazilian events or news (53%, international events or news (44%), health and lifestyle (40%), celebrity (34%), politics (29%).

Infographic Estudo da Kantar IBOPE Social Media

Estudo da Kantar IBOPE Media


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