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Mixed and Friendly Population

Brazil has been subject to many different external influences throughout its history. Initially the European colonizers, the indigenous population and the African slaves. Subsequently, Italian, Japanese, German, Polish, Arab immigrants, among others. This diverse mix contributes to the incredible racial, cultural and ethnic plurality of the Brazilian people.

The most obvious legacy from Portuguese colonization, the country’s official language is Portuguese, which is has a softer and more singing tone than the native variety spoken in Portugal, as well as many words of indigenous and other international origins.

The hospitality, the happiness and the unique way (“jeitinho”) to achieve their goals are characteristics that define the Brazilians. The strong engagement rates on social networks and keen desire to keep up with global trends is an incentive to tech companies that may be often surprised by the demand and literal queues to buy the latest model released.

Although punctuality and agility are not considered as natural Brazilian strengths, when it comes to skill, creativity and dedication, there are few cultures to match Brazil. Here, business deals are not so different from personal relationships. A big decision may be more likely to be made in a restaurant than in a boardroom. And do not be surprised if in a little while you get a hug instead of a handshake.

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Exotic Flavours, Animated Rhythms

Brazilian gastronomy and cultural events are the result of a great fusion of traditions, food and ingredients, adapted to the climate and the geography of each corner of the country. In addition, the influences of the different immigrant groups even further diversifies traditional national flavors and festivals.

Explaining the typical dishes of each region would cover a number of books but perhaps, the unanimity in Brazilian cuisine is found in the combination of rice and beans, prepared in different ways from north to south of the country. But there are many distinctly Brazilian, mouthwatering dishes like moqueca, acarajé, tapioca, pão de queijo, tapioca, açaí…

The same goes for the cultural manifestations, which comprise festivities of religious and folkloric character, to dances and typical musical genres, to festivals instituted by immigrants, mainly coming from 20th Century Europe. Some of the highlights are the Festival of Parintins, the Festival of the Círio de Nazaré, the Iemanjá Festival, the Oktoberfest and, of course, the Carnival and its different forms in each region.

Beautiful by Nature

Besides having some of the most beautiful beaches and world famous carnivals, Brazil is also remembered for the natural diversity of its population, which mixes traces of different ethnicities.

The country is among the top five consumer markets in the world in relation to beauty and aesthetics products and equipment. In the domestic market, the sector is one of the most important retail segments, with a niche for the male audience growing exponentially.

The cult of the body is so much a part of the culture that some studies has already claimed that Brazilians spend a higher percentage of their income on salon and beauty treatments than food and education. Brands around the world should be aware of the potential market, which is ever more demanding and competitive with increased investment.

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