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Concentrated Media

It is no exaggeration to say that the mainstream media and telecommunications reach more Brazilians more than sewage systems, water and electricity. The vast majority of households have at least one television set at home and one radio, while most bars and cafés will have a TV playing throughout the day and night, normally tuned to TV Globo. Pay-TV, landline and mobile phones and the Internet are also a reality for almost all Brazilians.

The Brazilian media market is characterized by its concentration in a few family-owned conglomerates, with strong participation of politicians and religious groups. The main conglomerate is Rede Globo, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), which reaches all of Brazil and has an unmatched influence in politics, economy and society. Also noteworthy are Record and SBT among the main national conglomerates. Similarly, the press is dominated by three traditional newspapers: Folha de S.Paulo, O Estado de S.Paulo and O Globo.

As in many other markets, the publishing industry is struggling to adapt and develop new business models. Abril Group, one of South America’s largest media conglomerates, recently announced the closure of magazines as part of a reformulation process.

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Advertising Highlight

Brazil ranks top when it comes to advertising and PR in Latin America – the country accounts for more than half of all advertising investment in the region. According to Kantar Ibope Media, the Brazilian market handled R$ 134 billion in media buying in 2017 while 84 thousand brands had paid exposure in the media that year.

Television remains the predominant medium – more than half of the advertising spend on brands, products and services is on TV. On the other hand, there is significant growth in mobile devices and digital advertising. The values in the formats display and search reached 6.2 billion in gross advertising values and this increase was driven mainly by the investment in performance, paid search and SEM.

The paid app ad market in Brazil also accounts for the largest share in Latin America, moving more than USD 3 billion a year, according to a study by AppsFlyer.

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