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In our daily trawls of media and opinion at Sherlock, every so often we find something we would like to share. This post, wonderfully written by Carlos Bretos, the Vice President and General Manager of Lexmark Latin America, sums up a huge amount of the feeling in Brazil at the moment on all sides of the political spectrum, and has a refreshingly positive outlook. We present it here with thanks, translated in its entirety:

Hello friends, this post is a little long but it is a personal experience that I believe is worth sharing.

Around 10 days ago I was invited to participate on a panel here in Miami about Brazil’s prognosis, which I immediately accepted because I believe that one of the principal roles of an executive outside their country is to be an ambassador, a realist about the problems of our country but above all valuing the positives of Brazil and the essence of Brazilians.

Anyway, the event happened YESTERDAY, in other words, between the invitation and the event, the ability to make short term prognoses went to zero, also contributing to an excited audience of almost 100 people.

I then ran through what the country is, and what hasn’t changed despite the crisis: one of the 10 largest economies on earth, the second largest producer of food and grain in the world, one of the largest mineral producers on earth, the most sophisticated financial system in the world, a country that hosts 400 of the world’s biggest 500 companies as subsidiaries, the largest middle class in Latin America, etc. etc.

Neither our sense of humour, nor our resilience has changed, described by my friend and writer Eid Salomi as “Brazilience”; our capacity to survive inflation of 90% per month, to wake up with personal and business accounts blocked with R$50 in the account to survive… and we did survive… because Brazil and Brazilians are much bigger than some groups who see everything only in terms of their own personal interests. People enter and leave the scene, but the country remains, through its natural and human riches. My last topic was about what is changing with the crisis and it was when I said, as the Brazilian that I am, that I see Brazil in the role of world leader in the application of justice at all levels, with a federal police and public prosecutor acting autonomously and in all levels to clarify the facts and penalise those who need to be penalised. If on one side the feeling of revulsion at the betrayal of those who should govern for the people, the clamour for justice and popular mobilisation brought to the scenario the support and bulletproofing necessary for this autonomy.

And there, my friends, I heard from the Americans, Europeans and Latin Americans present that all of them were proud of what was happening in Brazil and hopeful that one day, however utopian this might appear, that the same would happen in their countries because the environment of corruption, misuse of public funds and misbehaviour exists in all corners of the world. I share this only to try to reassure and urge each one of you with this post, to keep faith in the country and support operation car-wash unconditionally and that we are all safe, while on the one hand there are uncertainties in front of us, that this moment has every possibility of lifting political  and business institutions to a level of professionalism that we have never had in this country. Have you imagined what would happen if all all of this money cited in the investigations was put to use in social programs and for the improvement of the life of our population?

And that we free ourselves from this mongrel complex that has accompanied us since 1500 and raise our heads, because Brazil is cleaning itself and offering a lesson to the world –  that it is possible to shake off a cursed inheritance! It’s process is painful but it has all the potential to produce a good result, at least for the coming generations.

To my journalist friends, an appeal: that we throw more light and headlines on the good things that we have and the good people that we are. Brazil is a great country!

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