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One of Latin America’s biggest cities, Santiago is Chile’s most densely populated urban centre and home to more than six million people. Nestled below the Andes, and with formidable peaks visible from many vantage points in the city (albeit contributing to the city’s smog problem), Santiago’s downtown area is an architectural mix of neoclassical buildings, with several art deco and neo-gothic styles dotted intermittently.

Dubbed Chilecon Valley by some, global investors have been flocking to Santiago de Chile in recent years, largely thanks to a government-backed programme, Start-Up Chile, launched in 2010. Around the same time, massive infrastructural development in the capital city saw millions of dollars being poured into the construction of several new sparkling sky-scrapers, innovative cultural centres, and massive green areas, transforming the city into a cool business-friendly and easy-to-live ecosystem.

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Standing Out

With less bureaucracy to deal with than in many other cities in the Latin American region, foreign investors have been impressed with high levels of trust in the market, a thriving economy, and high levels of innovation. This comes at a price, however, and business costs can be higher than in other nearby capital cities. However, while this welcoming state’s policies and growth make Chile attractive for foreign investment expansion does, one of the challenges for marketing and PR in Chile working with international brands is ensuring proper standout. Clear and relevant messaging is key.

Notwithstanding this, several multi-national companies have set up their regional headquarters in Santiago, and local universities and large local corporations are eager to engage with newcomer start-up companies. How you enter the market will largely dictate your success in Chile. Engage a good Chile PR agency to ensure that you don’t trip over the cultural nuances, and to ensure that you meet the right people, from the start.

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