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Nestled high up in hills (2600m above sea level), capital city Bogotá is Colombia’s largest economy.  A modern city overflowing with green spaces and both modern and colonial architecture, Bogotá is a regional hub for several national and international companies (mostly South American).

The city that generates around 30% of Colombia’s GDP is a culinary delight, and home to many world-class museums (everyone eats out in Bogotá, creating a lively restaurant scene) and art galleries, as well as an impressive array of street art and graffiti. The main industries are entertainment, education, logistics and financial services and, of course, it is a key region for Colombia’s PR agency, media and marketing scene.

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Work Hard, Play Hard

A beehive of activity, Bogotá is noisy and chaotic, and over the years has attracted Colombians from all around the massive country (1.14 million km sq). While those from other regions say Bogotanos/Rolos (Bogotá locals) are cold and unfriendly, ex-pats living there say they are intelligent, witty, fun, and some of the friendliest people they’ve met. They say that if others say Bogotanos are less friendly, it’s because in general, Colombians are amazingly open and friendly.

Living and working in an industrial hub, Bogotanos are busier, for sure, and work longer hours than their counterparts in other regions. But, plenty of time is set aside for fun too, and Bogotá is famed for having the best nightlife in South America, especially on weekends after payday (15th, 30th each month). A treat for cyclists, the city also offers an extensive network of cycle paths; keeping fit is a cultural must in Colombia.

Positive Climate

Most multi-nationals with a Colombian presence have their base in Bogotá, which boasts a positive business climate, and availability of a vast talent pool with competitive wage bands (Medellin demands higher wages, with a less available talent for recruiters).

Government initiatives like free trade zones, and corporate tax deductions and exemptions help to make Bogotá a desirable place to do business. Specific opportunities exist in creative industries, and technology-based service industries, life sciences (cosmetics, healthcare, medical devices, biotechnology), and infrastructure.

With nine hundred and seventy acres of parkland, Parque Simon Bolivar, is the lungs of Bogotá – with an Olympic swimming pool, water park and large green spaces covered by the shade of abundant ancient trees, surrounding a 400 acre lake – allowing locals to escape the city, without leaving it.

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