Evaluation and Analysis

Because each business is different, so too should be each way of evaluating its success. That said, there are some basic tenets and approaches that we believe in as a Brazilian PR agency.

We believe in what many might see as working backwards. We start first with your business context and specific business objectives, these then become the pillars to assess the effectiveness of your PR strategy.

Reach, viewing opportunitiessign-ups and registrations shares, links back to the site – today there are hundreds of metrics that can be used to assess impact, but which are the most appropriate for you?

Sherlock Communications’ methodology starts with a full interrogation of your business objectives, your target audiences, the actions or behaviour you wish them to take and where exactly your brand and offering fit within the broader competitive, media and cultural landscape in Brazil.

Once we have detected the nature of your challenge and opportunity, we set plain objectives and KPIs and a well-defined tactical plan and journey that will help your business achieve clearly measurable results.

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