Communications in Latin America in the time of Covid-19

The emergence of the coronavirus has impacted the world in a way never before seen. Spreading across the globe at incredible speed, Covid-19 has forced change upon the routine of citizens around the world.

During the pandemic, communication becomes ever more important. News, official government communications and even content from digital influencers have not only the power to inform on the spread of the crisis, but also the responsibility to save lives through correct information and health guidelines.
Sherlock Communications, award-winning Latin American PR and digital marketing agency commissioned a research to provide insights and new data on how populations consume information about the current pandemic and which media and influencer they perceive as credible.

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  • Most recent data and trends for the Health sector in Latin America – including exclusive research by Toluna Insights with consumers from the Top 6 countries in the region (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile)
  • How people are getting informed, being influenced and making decisions in Latin America
  • How local governments are communicating with people and managing the crisis
  • New technologies and opportunities for health companies

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