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Manageable Climate

Nestled in the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac, and Lurín rivers, Peru’s capital city has a population of some 10 million people, is and the third largest city in the Americas (behind Mexico City and São Paulo). It is also a centre for many media outlets, advertising and PR agencies in Peru.

Even though it is located in a desert, Lima’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean means the climate is manageable all year round. Humidity can be high in the city, and rainfall fairly rare.

Climate in Peru

Population in Peru

Diverse Population

With a great ethnic mix, including indigenous mixes, and many of European descent, originally hailing from Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and Croatia. This cultural melting pot has had a profound effect on local cuisine. Seafood lovers will be in heaven in Lima, which is home to the second largest Japanese colony in the world (second only to São Paulo in Brazil), whose population have had a significant influence on local food habits and consumption, with demands for oriental spices, and fresh fish and other marine products. Nikkei cuisine is a unique mix of cooking styles native to both Peru and Japan.

A ‘young’ city, the half of the population is under 30 years old, with only 10% over 60. Around two thirds of Peru’s industrial production take place in greater Lima, home to around seven thousand factories, along with more of Peru’s service sector.  Lima has the largest export sector in South America and is a regional cargo hub. Many large banks, insurance companies and retailers are based in the capital city and the bulk of Peru’s industry is located in the region, with the majority of exports arriving through Callao port.

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