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In today’s world, what Google thinks about you is at least as important as what journalists or influencers think, and the best Brazilian PR agencies know that an understanding and consideration of search rankings and search engine visibility are the crucial ingredients to any campaign.

Our view of how SEO and public relations interrelate is very simple; high-value links and high-quality content are the glue that binds the two together.

Both in Brazil and internationally, we have extensive experience in designing and executing ethical SEO PR campaigns that successfully disseminate trending online content to high authority sites, generating multiple links that boost search rankings and visibility.

While there can be no transactional relationship between a journalist and Brazilian PR agency that always guarantees the insertion of links into articles, we have both the strategic and tactical experience to know which publications and individuals more commonly link and, crucially, exactly what kind of content formats make back links the most likely outcome.

Complementing SEO PR campaigns, we also offer a specialist team of native Portuguese-speaking, PPC experts to create and optimise bespoke, targeted and effective Search and Display AdWords campaigns, increasing sign-ups, leads and sales and lowering your conversion costs.

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