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Brazil is a culturally, educationally and economically diverse country and the best Brazilian PR agencies acknowledge there is no one medium, message or publication which can reach all audiences.

However, due to the increasing proliferation of smartphones and consumer credit, as well as Brazil’s hyper-social culture, Brazilians use and consumption of social media dwarfs European or North American user-bases.

The country ranks second in the world when it comes to the average time consumers spend on social media– around 3.3 hours per day – and Brazilian engagement rates are significantly higher than other markets (approximately 158% higher per post compared to the US for example).

As in many countries, Facebook dominates the market in Brazil with 31% penetration (reaching 78% of the country’s total unique users), but important also to note the importance and prevalence of the country’s second most popular network, WhatsApp (29%).

This combined with the popularity of Facebook messenger (24%) and Instagram (15%) — both ranking ahead of Twitter (14%) which is seeing a decline in usage — along with the steady growth of networks such as Snapchat (9%) among younger users, paints a picture that is mobile, short, sweet and visual in aspect.

For brands trying to engage disparate audiences, this presents a significant opportunity but it can also represent risk.

Brazilian social media users tend to have a particularly sardonic sense of humour – friends are just as likely to share disparaging memes of politicians and gaffs from brands as gossip.

Any social media campaigns or content need be carefully planned to ensure that there are no unintended ironies lost in translation. Sharing is often not the problem, standing out and getting the message right frequently is.

Whatever your objectives, at Sherlock we have developed an agile, tried-and-tested approach for planning, creating and promoting stand-alone Portuguese visual and written content, as well as adapting and maximising the value of international social media assets.

Unlike some Brazilian social media agencies, we also believe the best social media campaigns need to sit close to the people who know the brand best. For this reason, we work collaboratively with our clients, from sectors as diverse as entertainment, education, business services and technology, to develop efficient customer support, governance, crisis management and escalation models, all designed to empower your in-house team.

From strategic planning, to content creation, community management and paid-for promotions and evaluation, our custom methodologies and tools ensure clients an effective, optimised and scalable social media presence in Brazil.

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