The Brazil Business and Politics Round-up March 26th 2018


  • Federal Intervention in Rio de Janeiro Approved by 76%; Majority Sees No Change The decree ordering the intervention was signed by President Michel Temer on February 16; Since then, the Brazilian Army has been responsible for fighting violence in the state.
  • Michel Temer Prepares Electoral Package with Announcements and Inaugurations The package includes increases in the Bolsa Família welfare program, the inaugurations of housing for the underprivileged and airport terminals as well as a visit to a hospital already operational.
  • Most Rio de Janeiro Residents Received Fake News about Marielle Franco, but Did Not Believe It On Thursday, March 22, Rio de Janeiro courts ordered Google to take down 16 Youtube videos which contained offensive messages against Marielle, or it would have to pay fines of R$ 1,000 per day.


  • President Temer Mentions Suspension of Steel Tariff without US Official Statement The American government had announced previously that the 25% tariffs on steel and 10% on aluminum would come into force on Friday, March 23, and the only countries exempted would be Mexico and Canada.
  • Brazil’s Department of Federal Revenue Approves Land Border Duty Free Shops This means that stores subjected to a special taxation regime – similar to the ones that exist in airports and ports – will be able to operate along Brazil’s borders, selling tax-free items to international travelers.
  • Lack of Government Policies Affects the Development of Tourism on National Level At least that was the main conclusion that participants of the Tourism and the Internationalization of Brazil Conference arrived at. The event took place on Thursday (the 15th) at the Pinacoteca in the state of São Paulo and was sponsored by Embratur and supported by CVC.

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