The Brazil Business and Politics Round-up April 23th 2018


  • JBS’ Batista Claims He Paid Monthly Payoff of US$ 14 thousand to Aécio Neves The Brazilian businessman said the payments were requested directly by the senator at a meeting in Rio, in order to “cover his monthly expenses”.
  • Ex-Presidents of São Paulo Metro Company to Face Charges after Court Order The civil proceedings on the grounds of misconduct of office include the periods when the state was managed by PSDB politicians José Serra, Alberto Goldman and Geraldo Alckmin.
  • Dispute Over Satellite Puts the Spotlight on Brazil’s Broadband Promises The main promise of the Brazilian Federal Government related to the plan Internet for All, published at the end of 2017, is a Telebras satellite which cost US$ 800 million and has not been used since June 2017, when it went into orbit.


  • Petrobras President Agrees to Replace Abilio Diniz as Chairman of BRF’s Board Pedro Parente accepted to substitute businessman Abilio Diniz as the head of the board of the biggest processed food company in Brazil.
  • Brazilians More Optimistic about Own Financial Situations According to a poll, the improvement in terms of expectations that Brazilians have regarding their own financial situations, however, did not translate into a more optimistic take on the country’s economic growth.

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