The Brazil Business and Politics Round-up May 14th 2018


  • CIA Document exposes former President from the Brazilian military regime as executions supporter The CIA document was posted on social media by journalist Matias Spektor, which claimed the piece was “the most disturbing confidential document” that he had ever read in 20 years of research
  • Brazil’s Justice proposes extention of privileged jurisdiction restriction Justice Dias Toffoli, a member of Brazil’s Supreme Court, has drafted a proposal to extend the restriction of privileged jurisdiction to all the authorities of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches at the federal, state and local levels
  • Witness accuses city councilor in the Murder of Marielle Franco; Politician Denies Connection “My relationship with Marielle was very good; I don’t understand why this factoid against me was created,” said Marcello Siciliano; Marielle Franco (PSOL) was murdered on March 14


  • Brazilian Airline Companies affected by soaring oil prices The price of the commodity is causing major concern for airline companies, once they suffer from the consequences of high prices for the fuel, raising their operating costs
  • Viracopos airport seeks for bankruptcy protection If the request for Bankruptcy protection filed on Monday (the 7th) is granted, partners could get relief from their payment obligations for concession granting fees already due for 2017 and those that come due at the end of the month

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