The Brazil Business and Politics Round-up May 7th 2018


  • Partial Immunity for Congressmen and Senators narrowed by Brazil’s Supreme Court The court will only try members of congress if they are accused of committing a crime during their terms and if the crime is connected to their activities as representatives, making the proccess
  • Presidente Michel Temer cancelled his Speeches on May 1 due to chance of booing There are 13.7 million people unemployed  in the country as of now
  • Brazil’s Next President To Face Narrower GPD Spending Margin Due to the country’s spending cap, whoever is elected president will have to face the lowest spending margin in terms of GDP since 1997


  • Brazilian Steel Makers Accept Quotas Imposed by The US An ultimatum by Donald Trump’s administration made Brazilian steel mills accept steel export quotas to the United States; The measure will effectively mean a reduction of 20% in Brazilian sales to the US
  • Excessive increase in Açai Berry production may harm it’s harvesting The harvesting and cultivation of açai berry generates about US$ 141,7 million per year to the Amazon, but the producers might be shooting themselves in the foot when excessively increasing the production.

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