The Brazil Business round-up – news you might have missed

Brazil is a complicated market where the legal, business and political landscape can change rapidly.

To help you navigate its many complexities, we’ve decided to start a regular round-up of the most important business and political news that PR and marketing professionals need to know.

  • The International Chamber of Commerce, ICC, asked Brazil to reduce import tariffs – days after the Brazilian Finance Minister rejected this possibility in Davos
  • Brazil plans to increase its share of UK imports, electing the UK as one of 32 key markets – UK agents and distributors required
  • Brazilian Travel Agents delay payments to overseas partners in the hope that the Brazilian government will reduce withholding tax on remittances from Brazil from 25% to 6% – UK hotels and airlines should avoid unpleasant surprises by keeping open their lines of communication with their Brazilian counterparts
  • The government presented Congress with proposal to alter profit and dividend taxation. It targets companies, especially service firms, that report corporate income tax under the presumed profit method, but also calculate their earnings under the traditional accounting, or actual profit method
  • President Dilma Rousseff appeared Wednesday on radio and TV networks after nearly two years of absence. Ms. Rousseff made a national appeal for the fight against the Aedes egypti mosquito, carrier of the Zika virus. Her appearance was met with pan banging protests which could be heard in major urban areas in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janiero
  • Whistleblower Fernando Moura told a Paraná Judge on Wednesday that Senator Aécio Neves, the national president of Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) and presidential candidate in the 2014 election,  received bribes arising from contracts with state-owned power utility Furnas, along with the Workers’ Party (PT) national and state boards. The testimony was dismissed as absurd by PSDB

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