Catching the Brazilian silver surfers – over 60s increasingly engaged online

A recent (albeit unpublished) study by Ipsos in partnership with Facebook has provided revealing insights into Brazil’s older population’s shifting internet usage habits.

Regular readers of this blog will already be aware that Brazil has some of the highest social media engagement rates of any global market and the results show that this is no different amongst “the grey market”, traditionally seen by many PR agencies as “harder to reach” online.

A Meio & Mensagem report covering Brazil’s professional research association’s (ABEP) seventh annual congress where the study was revealed, said that the research identified three main groups within the scope of over 60s.

“Os elegantes” (The elegant), mostly from class AB, are married, still work and like technology. They represent 36% of the total surveyed and the internet is their primary source for research.

As a side note, for a comprehensive background on Brazil’s pervasive social classification categories, we recommend The Brazil Business’s excellent summary. Non-Brazilians may not be aware that in Brazil’s ultra class-conscious society, that you are as likely to hear someone refer to a person’s coming from “classe AB” in a bar or dinner party conversation as in a media planning meeting.  

The second group, categorised by the study as “housewives”, represents 22% of the total and is composed mostly of women from classes C, D and E. A significant percentage of this group is religious (mostly Catholic and evangelical). They use traditional media such as free-to-air television, magazine and newspapers as an initial source of research.

The third group “traditionals”, is composed largely (42%) of customers concerned with family issues who use the Internet to research prices. They also use social networks, have concerns relating to online privacy

The report quotes Diego Oliveira from Ipsos Connect, who elaborated that all members of the three groups are retired, like gardening, and are concerned about their health and conscious consumption: “We found that, in most cases, these people use the internet every day, and don’t use it more only because they perceive that there are many barriers to usage.”

The majority of respondents use Facebook as the primary social network, describing themselves as “facebookianos” and use the network to contact friends keep informed of relevant news, not just gossip and trifles. In conclusion, Diego noted that brands need to be aware of these consumers and they are increasingly active and engaged in terms of online media consumption.

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