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Engaging and Connecting

Working with clients as mixed as the largest Brazilian retailers to multinational service organisations, we have experience in running a wide array of internal communications and employee engagement campaigns.

In the social media and millennial age, engaging internal audiences, particularly those split across multiple territories, can be just as important as any external marketing or PR campaign.

Engaging and connecting staff to the company they work for, understanding their ideals, vision and ways of working, is one of the single biggest drivers of customer profitability and satisfaction.

Whether your objectives are changing employee behaviour, education, breaking down internal barriers or simply reducing reliance on email, we take the same approach as we would to an external campaign.

We refine your business objectives, determine KPIs, identify the individuals in each internal audience group, their passions and routines, the most impactful media and channels to reach them – everything from video, physical newsletters and gifts, e-books, animations or events – then develop the messaging and content that will create an emotional connection and effect measurable change.

To learn more about our content philosophy, read our approach to strategic planning and messaging development.

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