What We Do > Lead Generation, Customer Relationship Management and Email Marketing

What is it?

Brand is key in today’s world. Clearly stating what your brand stands for, what it offers to consumers and then creatively and consistently building an engagement strategy is essential. Sherlock uses a variety of tools to achieve this. We position our clients to their target consumers, at the right time using the right platforms to maximise positive brand awareness and in-turn increase sales. Achieving this is our principle focus. Lead generation, customer relationship management and email marketing are three of tools we use.

Lead generation is an important way to engage with clients’ target audience. It initiates consumers’ interest or enquiry into a clients’ brands products or services. It’s used for a number of purposes including sales leads, list building or e-newsletter list acquisitions. The origins could be digitally, personal referrals or through advertising and events. The leads we gain provide an opportunity for our clients to win more business and increase sales.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is how companies manage their interaction with current and potential customers. Using data analysis, we review a range of sources including website, phone, email, live chat, marketing material and social media and use CRM to assess customer’s history focusing on customer retention. The objective is to drive sales by learning about our clients’ target consumers, and how best to engage and meet their needs.

Email marketing is sending commercial messages to individuals or groups of people via email. We use a variety of activities – such as adverts, request business and solicit donations or sales – expertly done email marketing builds loyalty, trust or brand awareness. Email marketing can be sent to current or previous customers it aims to foster customer loyalty, repeat business and gain new customers or create instant sales from existing customers.

What can we do?

Sherlock multi-lingual award-winning team will use their Brazilian and Latin American insight and take every opportunity to support our clients’ objectives and create real business impact. Our ethos is that our clients want their customer communications to be well crafted, compelling campaigns. We use a combination of skills in CRM strategy and technologies, data-led customer analytics and email marketing tools and techniques to deliver strong results. We advise our clients on right things to do, how to leverage industry best practice, new platforms and engagement strategies, delivering effective, compelling content which surpasses our client’s objectives.

Implementing some of the examples below, as part of an overall PR engagement strategy, we continuously monitor and measure efforts, making incremental adjustments if required and maintaining a watchful eye on generating new business leads bringing in new revenue. These up-front efforts can enact real change. We judge which strategies are the most relevant based on efficiency and effectiveness, focusing on the best ROI for our clients’ budget, timescale and objectives.

Lead generation is an established way of gaining insight into customers’ opinion of our clients’ brands, products and services as well as encouraging potential customers. Using case studies and testimonials means that the readers are often already leads who have the potential equate to additional reconversions and should be prioritised as future customers. Transforming this content into a lead generator is can significant win for future reconversion and create a better lead-to-customer rate.

As an example, Sherlock uses video interviews with existing customers discussing clients’ product or services. We also include a link to their website landing pages. This is because smart shoppers’ review what people like themselves have said before making a purchase. Including these calls-to action encourages sign up for a product demo, engage with the sale teams or convert into a customer. Also, simple things a including a call-to-action slide at the end of presentation can generate leads.

Robust Digital Strategy

Brazil, like the rest of Latin American is a big consumer of smartphones, tablets on other digital communication device. With the increasing amount of time user spend online on some device, presents a fertile ground for email marketing. Sherlock is passionate about developing functional, tested templates as part of our campaign strategy. We will develop content, email personalisation and automated campaigns utilising different programmes and software including email service provider and CRM’s systems. This enables us to grow and segment our clients target audience, optimise campaigns provide useful monitoring metrics.

Applying for awards to gain recognition is another significant lead generation if displayed well on clients’ websites. Also, we use clients’ blogs to update their followers on the companies’ achievements. Sherlock creates content that includes both education content and more self-promotional providing another opportunity to generate leads.

Through working with our clients’ in-house teams, we work developing ways to launch campaigns to generate leads. A key tool is developing social media content using clients’ different platforms. This could be posting on Facebook calling for clients’ followers to submit ideas on landing page which offers a promotion. This information adds to clients CRM data, adding more current information about potential and existing consumers profiles.

Event Opportunities

Event collateral is another key aspects to promote clients’ brand to their target audience as well as positioning them as a thought leader. This can include event information pages on client’s website, registration page, promotional blogs or videos. Including a call-to-action on event website, particularly high trafficked paged with a confirmation email to after registering for an event including a call-to-action to find out more about our clients’ brand. Also, on any event handout we put calls-to-actions given out so we reference in post event. Also, when clients are sponsoring, speaking or attending an event offers great opportunities as can collect leads using technology linking directly back to office. Again building our clients CRM data, give greater potential consumer profiles and personas information.

Finally and arguably most importantly, as Sherlock has an extensive network of journalists, influencers and industry allies so we can facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships. When done correctly these generate leads by having calls-to-actions on relevant pages of respective website. It’s not a hard sell approach yet does yield great results if the two brands have a cohesive brand.

Four-Stage Process

Using a four stage process we work closely with our clients to completely understand what they want to achieve and then we aim to surpass it!

  1. Clarify and concentration of effort: We work closely with our clients to define and quantify their strategic and commercial goals. We identify where our clients brand should be focused, who, where and which platforms their target consumer engage with and them map prospective lists. We also define the ‘personas’, specific profiles of the consumers so we can really target content which resonates and drive a response: engage with the brand and buy the product.
  2. Add acumen and attain team agreement: Through working with the clients’ in house team we really want to fully comprehend their consumers’ needs and behaviours so we can develop a comprehensive plan. Our multi-lingual in-house expertise segments the consumers into prospective groups, identifying key influencer and opportunities. We may seek attention from the disruptor or create concern about an issue and develop valuable propositions and insight.
  3. Embed and action the plan: We plan both in and outbound campaigns, identifying critical calendar events, both by sector and organisation, when to approach and selecting the right platform. The team produces needs-focused content, tailored to each consumer segmentation, frequently using facts, figures and case studies to enhance the understanding. Collateral, such as infographics, emails, blogs, emails, e-books, social media posts and web landing pages.
  4. Maintain focus and monitor results: We programme our clients CRM tools to reflect and support new sales. Using agreed KIP’s and agreed key stages we update our clients using a variety of easy to understand metrics. This all enables us to measure the ROI, monitoring conversions rates at each stage of the plan and assessing which engagement platforms and tools have created the best outcomes.