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Understand the Subtleties

‘Correct’ language does not necessarily mean it is appropriate. You can employ the best translators, but are you truly speaking the same language as your audience? Effective communication requires a subtle grasp of tone, structure, messaging and values. This is not always easy in a second language.

If you sell professional or legal services, do you want to sound like Buzzfeed? If your Facebook page aims to reach teenagers, should you really be using management consultant jargon? Does your Annual Sustainability Report come across too distant… or too intimate?

While consistency is to be applauded, international messages poorly translated often have an alienating effect in Brazil. We’ve lost count of the number of lost cultural references and ‘anglicisms’ in Portuguese, we’ve seen in translated PR materials. As Brazilian journalists are keen on saying, for it to work in Brazil, you need to ‘tropicalise’ your story!

Rather than simply providing a word-for-word translation service, Sherlock Communications expertly examines the way you communicate with stakeholders, looking at what works and what does not – and helps you make it better, clearer and more effective in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

We believe in Plain Language Consultancy, providing a best-practice evaluation of your brand’s English and Portuguese language communications. Across owned media channels – social and web – and corporate documentation, we methodically assess how well you come across to your audience. The lessons learned from measuring your communications against leading competitors will help inform the PR, corporate communications and content marketing strategy that we can then provide.

Audiences have come to expect precise, understandable and appropriate English and Portuguese language communication. But too often jargon takes the place of plain speaking; idioms are used which don’t hit the target; examples are borrowed from inappropriate places, and attempts to ‘connect’ feel awkward.

Native language analysts and professional communicators can help you. Your communications will no longer be just words on a page but can become an effective business tool.

Plain Language Consultancy