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Maximising Potential

The role of search engines has become as important as the opinion of journalists and influencers. A robust public relations (PR) strategy will harness the power of search engine optimisation (SEO) by creating content to generate leads. Writing press releases and producing other promotional material maximises a search engine’s selecting copy and boosts organic traffic on a brand’s website and social media channels. Paid search is a type of contextual advertising where site owners pay a fee to have their website placed at the top of a search engine’s results page.  

How does SEO work and why is it important? 

The best Brazilian PR agencies know that an understanding and consideration of search rankings and search engine visibility are crucial ingredients for any campaign. However, search engines and user behaviour on search engines have evolved significantly in the last few years. The increase of mobile search usage and the expansion of personalised and local search have transformed best practice and future-proofed SEO strategies, but Sherlock understands this constantly changing landscape.

Our view on how SEO, PR and paid research interrelate is simple: high-value links and high-quality content are the glue that binds them together, ensuring that our clients’ brands remain highly visible and that their customers can find their business easily.

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How can we help? 

In Brazil and Latin America, Sherlock has extensive experience in designing and executing ethical SEO PR campaigns that successfully disseminate trending online content to high authority sites, generating multiple links that boost search rankings and visibility. In order to maximise the benefits from SEO, it’s essential to optimise websites continuously. We have the skills, knowledge and drive to help our clients stay ahead of the competition and future-proof their presence in organic searches.

While there can be no transactional relationship between journalists and Brazilian PR agency that always guarantees the insertion of links into articles, Sherlock has the strategic and tactical experience to know which publications and individuals are more likely to link and what kind of content formats will generate the best outcome. Our expert team of native Portuguese-speakers work closely with our clients’ teams to reach a deep understanding of the products/services and brands objectives. Whether it’s a large e-commerce website or a simple static website, a solid technical SEO strategy makes a significant difference to a website’s visibility. This includes working with clients’ developers to identify, diagnose and give solutions to all technical challenges.

Paid research, where we investigate our clients’ target market in great detail, can add a lot of value to the campaign and, potentially, how the product is launched in Latin America. Detailed information gained from focus groups and quantitative and qualitative data give campaigns greater insight and awareness so that we speak directly to our client’s audience in the language, format and time that creates the most impact.  

What we do 

We work closely with our clients devising a robust strategy with a timeframe roadmap that dovetails into clients marketing strategy. This could include:

  • Running focus groups with our clients’ targets customers or business users to understand in great detail their perceptions, values and how they could use the product. This data enables us to add facts and figures to our campaign work;
  • A detailed review of our clients’ websites. Sherlock’s technical experts will ensure the website remains accessible to search engines and users at all times. We use industry-leading tools and technology to spot and interpret any underlying issues;
  • preserve existing SEO value when migrating to a new website domain or platform;
  • geo-targeting and international SEO or consultancy throughout the process of building new sites;
  • a detailed SEO roadmap including a content calendar aligned with clients’ business plans as well as key events in Latin America;
  • frequent industry updates and monthly reports including updates on agreed KPIs;
  • pay per click (PPC) experts to create and optimise bespoke, targeted and effective Search and Display AdWords campaigns which increase sign-ups, leads and sales, ultimately lowering our client’s conversion costs.

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Global Expertise

We have the expertise in both local and international SEO delivering on our clients’ PR requirements. Location-based searches are increasing alongside consumer expectations – therefore, it’s vital to closely manage brands’ local listings as search engines, including Google, are continually adding new features.  

Our clients include both single and multi-location businesses. Sherlock selects key opportunities within the Google My Business (GMB) profiles, optimising local elements in search engines and prioritising what users care most about. We map out the optimal name and address for each location and compare it to information available to search engines and users.

‘Herflang’ tags were invented by Google to resolve issues for international websites which offer products and services in different languages and currencies, and are used in international SEOs. Campaigns using hreflangs can be complex to apply and maintain. So it’s essential that hreflang tags are set up correctly; otherwise, Google won’t know which page should appear for which country. Any variants are likely to be treated as duplicate content which is less likely to be found, resulting in bad user experience.

Sherlock has the know-how to lead the entire process of geo-targeting and producing local content for our clients. Both SEO and paid research boosts our clients brand awareness and builds relationships with the right audiences, in the right places, at the right time.