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What is it?

With today’s travellers having access to a world of information at their fingertips, tourism PR and marketing is becoming increasingly essential as it provides greater understanding and engagement between operators and their potential customers. The aim is to attract, engage and entice consumers to travel to a particular location, hotel, city, state, consumer attraction or centre. With so many new and exciting opportunities available, providing clear information and inspiration for consumers’ next adventure or simply confirmation of the options of a comfortable and affordable trip is essential. Therefore, gaining publicity, educating both business and leisure travellers, travel media and travel influencers about locations, properties and relevant tourism programmes is critical for this busy and growing sector.

Tourism PR

tourism PR and marketing

How does tourism PR and marketing work and what are the benefits?

PR and marketing strategies are used to introduce travellers to a new destination, to launch a new promotion, a new property, or to remind them of what’s currently on offer. The objective to increase engagement or develop strategies to dominate a market. With travel and tourism brands vying to capture attention, a focused and comprehensive PR and marketing strategy that delivers the brand’s business plans and objectives is the key.

Strategies should include moving beyond media travel to platforms covering lifestyle, digital and business as well as social media and relevant influencers. This enables brands to increase awareness and engage with previously untapped potential consumers: those with whom there is no current engagement. Building brand awareness through compelling campaigns yields positive results. Delivering strategic, fully integrated PR and marketing campaigns, when timed correctly, hitting the peak booking periods will have a measurable impact on sales. So the return on investment is clear and measurable.

Using both traditional and non-traditional approaches to reach consumers as they make choices about where to go, stay and what activities they want to enjoy. An example is including experiences that help them imagine, associate and familiarise themselves being at a destination. Having a range of creative engagement tool and tactics, such as video marketing that can be going ‘viral’, is essential.

The benefits a tourism PR and marketing strategy offer consumers discover opportunities and potential experiences that they may not have considered, or even been aware of. Being more informed also makes consumers more discerning as awareness of what else is on offer and by whom is easily available.

How we can help

Sherlock Communications’ team are marketing specialists as well as experienced travellers ourselves. We are passionate about promoting destinations and the travel partners and organisations that aid get consumers getting there. Our team is based throughout Brazil and Latin America, so we understand the region’s media landscape in great detail.

We are an award-winning Brazilian and Latin American PR agency with unrivalled contacts across multiple platforms and sectors. Our approach puts our clients’ brands in front of the right people ensuring they get noticed. Our established relationships include leading travel bloggers, editors, influencers, as well as freelance journalists. This provides amazing opportunities to bring creative ideas to life, opening up new channels and platforms for meaningful and persuasive content that has an impact to deliver tangible results.

No two clients or situations are the same. Through working closely with our clients our aim is to fully understand their product, brand and business objectives. This enables us to create bespoke PR, brand communications and marketing campaigns. This makes an impact and meets clients’ individual business objectives and is individually tailored to their budget. Our aim is to drive our clients’ brand to the ultimate level on platforms that cover media travel as well as extending to lifestyle, digital and business platforms. Targeting such as the broad scope of media platforms raises potential consumers’ awareness, increasing brand awareness and recognition and overall establishing our clients as an authority at local, regional as well as at a global level.

In essence, a good tourism PR and marketing campaign are about sales and increasing awareness of products and brands. We do this by using a number of tools including commissioning market research, web analytics, monitoring media and social media coverage etc.

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What we do

We don’t make assumptions.  We take the guesswork out reaching audiences by combining, data, our PR and marketing expertise with creativity, logic and emotion, delivering creative and compelling campaigns that speak to the hearts and minds of travel trade professionals and consumers alike.

By reviewing and analysing data and strategically investing to gain the most impact, Sherlock Communications creates a measurable return on investment. Our integrated tourism PR and marketing campaigns use traditional and non-traditional tactics – such as influencers, social media and digital campaigns – for travel, transport, tourism and leisure brands alike.

As situations beyond our clients’ control can go wrong, we include crisis and reputation management as part of our strategy. This includes both a proactive and reactive media training programme. Working with closely with our clients’ management team, in-house communication, press team and customer services teams, protecting business and promoting swift resolution is a core element of any tourism communication engagement work.

Our expertise means we can provide our clients with a complete marketing mix of services. This integrated approach means we can create a real impact about a destination, increase visitor numbers and brand recognition.

  • Events and exhibitions – raising client profiles with both targeted media and consumers as well as delivering maximum return on investment at both trade and consumer shows
  • Media hospitality – co-ordinating soft engagement with individuals and groups
  • Media information – effective communications including press releases and newsletters
  • Features – creating, shaping and selling in newsworthy that the targeted media will want to cover
  • Multi-platform PR – campaigns including print, TV, radio, video and both social and digital media
  • Celebrities and influencers – identifying the right connections to bring brands and personalities together
  • Media monitoring – demonstrating a clear and measurable return on investment
  • Market research – providing key insights and increase understanding to shape effective PR and marketing strategies
  • Media buying – planning and implementing integrated advertising campaigns
  • Creative design – working with the best creative design companies
  • Promotions – placing creative competitions and promotions in selected media
  • Sponsorship – aligning clients with relevant, high profile brands

How do we measure success?

Sherlock Communications sets clear and measurable objectives as part of any tourism PR and marketing strategy. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are part of the well-defined tactical plan that helps deliver our clients’ clear results to get our clients to where they want to be.

measure success