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Improving Effectiveness

Web analytics goes far beyond measuring, collecting, analysing and reporting data. It’s also a useful tool for assessing, understanding and optimising web usage and a website’s effectiveness. Robust web analytics frameworks are a vital part of delivering successful digital campaigns. It helps companies measure PR campaigns, including traditional print and broadcasting advertising campaigns. Measuring changes in website traffic during a PR campaign and quantifying the number of visitors and page views makes it possible to gauge volume and impact.

Today, hundreds of metrics can be used to assess impact – reach, viewing opportunities, sign-ups, registration, shares, links back to the site – but which are the most appropriate?

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What we do

Sherlock Communications doesn’t guesstimate. We use our web analytics expertise to help our clients make informed decisions. Combining user experience with creative ideas, we deliver targeted data-driven campaigns that result in more meaningful engagement with our clients’ audiences. Our goal is to help define, monitor and enhance success in their digital campaigns.

With a host of specialist tools, we assess all information and data then highlight what’s most relevant. Our clients can use this to identify missed opportunities in their digital marketing strategy. Our web analytics tools, tips and intelligence help our clients define and measure success on digital platforms, enabling them to focus on where they can make the most impact. A deeper understanding of the thoughts and actions of online target users result in truly impactful marketing campaigns.

Landing pages retain target users on a client’s website and give us useful insight into who visitors are and where they come from. With this information, we design strong campaigns and position clients to make better business decisions based on factual data.

Our services

We offer a variety of tailored analytics services ranging from initial analytics to in-depth analysis of data that clients may have already collected.  Here are some examples of how we can help:

Google analytics setup – We collect data that creates a count of basic but essential information, enabling our clients to make strategic marketing decisions using quantifiable data.

Campaign tracking – We transform elementary data into metrics or ratios in line with our clients’ needs.

Formulating online strategy – There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We create bespoke strategies tailored to our clients’ business plans. Key performance indicators (KPI) are established, focussed on tracking transformation, and are designed to achieve a client’s specific goals and objectives.  

Multivariate experiment and testing – Testing is an essential part of a successful campaign. We contribute with storytelling and test scenarios, identifying the changes to web pages that increase or maximise a statistically tested outcome – this ensures that websites are optimised and fully prepared.

Custom analytics and insight reporting – The ability to track a campaign’s influence and impact is essential – we quantify its success and achievements.

Endless Potential

The potential use of analytics is endless. However, significant benefits derive from pairing web analytics with the following marketing techniques:

How we work

Each business is unique – knowing and understanding them is essential. Sherlock Communications works closely with clients to fully comprehend their business objectives, business model, and target audience. We evaluate the existing digital presence of our clients, reviewing their website and the architecture of other digital platforms. We also work to understand the actions and behaviours our clients want from their target audience.

Due to our expertise in the media and cultural landscape in Latin America, we know exactly where a client’s offering and brand will fit in the broader market. We conduct stakeholder interviews, surveys, user research and analytical audits to gain further detailed insight.

Working as part of a client’s team, Sherlock Communications crafts a data-driven marketing strategy. We translate main business objectives into key metrics, creating a bespoke strategy that will act as the foundation to assess a digital campaign’s effectiveness.

As part of the strategy, we set clear objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs) and operational metrics. These form the basis of a dashboard which can monitor and measure a campaign’s impact. We then design and build web analytics, selecting appropriate platforms and detailing where tags need to go, naming all data elements, and specifying the variables and values that need to be collected and exposed to multiple systems.

Our analytical audit provides our clients with targeted recommendations for a personalised web analytics approach, improving data collection strategies and, in turn, PR campaigns.