What is brand awareness and why it matters

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Some communication concepts permeate several areas of knowledge. When we ask what is brand awareness, we can see that it is a good example. Brand awareness features in the work routines in the areas of Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising. Although each has a different approach, brand awareness has the same meaning for all.

Creating brand awareness means making the brand present in the public’s life, so that people know its name and its values, as well as in which branch the company operates, what its main products or services are. Consumers should recognize the company’s logo, identify with it and eventually become customers. At the highest level of brand awareness, a company is considered Top Of Mind – a reference brand in a certain segment among consumers.

However, the path to the top is long, especially if a company is starting from scratch. In addition to defining key concepts such as your name, visual identity and commercial portfolio, you need to define your ideal target audience, study the habits and behavior of future customers, introduce yourself to the market and, little by little, start building your communications strategy. Understanding what is brand awareness and how it works will help to develop effective campaigns.

Companies that have been in the market for some time, on the other hand, have an easier time when promoting brand awareness, as they already have a consolidated base of products, actions and customers, which makes it simpler to amplify their presence in the hearts and minds of the public.

Ultimately, brand awareness is about presence, reputation and adding value to brands. However, it isn’t everything. It is necessary to work on product quality, quality customer service and solid values ​​before launching in the public eye. Otherwise, brand awareness activities can have a negative effect on a brands success and recognition.


Why brand awareness is important

When it comes to what is brand awareness, there is a very relevant saying: “who is not seen, is not remembered”. Therefore, exercising awareness of a particular brand among its target audience calls for the creation of a communication strategy with several facets, all of which are able to place the brand’s messages in front of its customers.

This is a task that requires multidisciplinary work together with the client. Social media, paid media, digital influencers and public relations actions are just some of the areas involved in creating a successful brand awareness strategy, which needs to be analyzed according to the market and the unique objectives of each client.

Making a brand present in people’s lives, whether in magazine ads, articles, interviews, paid posts on social media, influencer marketing, podcasts, videos and press articles, is achieved through a brand awareness campaign – which will be the subject of our next PR 101 article.

What is a brand awareness campaign and what can it do for your business? Among its many diverse objectives, it can be instrumental in launching a new product, increasing sales and even strengthening the authority of the company among the general public. It can be an important tool for a brand to establish itself in a new market such as Latin America, win over investors and outperform the competition.


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