Evolution of Traditional Media in Latin America

Digitisation is an irreversible trend in Latin America, with a 103% growth in the number of households connected to the internet between 2010 and 2016, according to Cepal. The adoption of smartphones has accelerated this transition from analogue to digital and has led to new behaviours.

As Latin America sped up its digital revolution, media consumption also suffered major disruptions. Sherlock Communications, award-winning Latin American PR and digital marketing agency commissioned a research to provide insights and new data on changes in news consumption, including perspectives for after the media in the post-pandemic era and trust issues in the region.

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  • Exclusive data & insights on main changes in media consumption in Latin America over the past 5 years – including exclusive research by Toluna
  • Insights with consumers from the Top 6 countries in the region (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile)
  • Exclusive commentary from journalists in tier 1 media in Latin America, such as CBN, Turner, El Heraldo, El Espectador and professional
  • Perception of trust in information shared in different media channels
  • Fake news and the political context in Latin America

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