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What is Blockchain?

How we transfer things of value, such as money, goods, property, work etc. is changing the traditional system of how we trust and use third-party organisations. Blockchain is the innovative system powering this change, adapting how we live, work and interact.

How does it work?

Blockchain PR  is one the world’s fastest-growing industries. It’s an open, growing database using maths and cryptography. Data is recorded publically, storing blocks of other people’s information across a public network in chronological order. Decentralising and distributing chains of data blocks prevent no central organisation or person ‘owning’ either the system or all the data. Entire communities help run the system and they have the ability to review and authenticate data. This means that facts and security is guaranteed as nothing can be edited centrally, counterfeited, take down the system or corrupt it.

Blockchain PR

Blockchain Technology

Household example

With everyday individuals in mind, cryptocurrency pr is opening the doors to a new future in the global finance market. It can be used either in-person or online transactions and are often conducted through mobile payment from a digital wallet.

Bitcoin enables peer-to-peer exchange of currency is a key example as there isn’t a bank, financial organisation or government involved. The system means you can transfer funds directly from a person or business and it’s enabled by individuals to validate others transactions, earning a small commission. Blockchain is used to track the record of digital cash ownership, meaning that only one person can own the bitcoin at one time and spend it once, unlike counterfeit money in the physical world. Through giving consumers greater freedom and control over their assets this form of blockchain providers a greatly needed service as over half the global population do not have access to the global financial market.

Future use and need for Blockchain PR

The innovative future use of blockchain is only as limited as what we can image. It’s already changing how we live, work, interact and connect both on and offline. Insurance, financial, healthcare are obvious industries which has the potential to benefit from blockchain. However, other potential used could include: algorithm run companies making self-drive cars safer; protecting online digital footprint; and tracking the billions of devices on the internet of things.

The volume of new blockchains start-ups is ever increasing and the space is becoming increasing competitive. It’s harder to stand out from masses but the benefits to business critical. For example, in 2017 Blockchain Initial Coin Offering (ICO) raised over $5.6bnUSD, the average project raising $12.7m USD. Hence public confidence is essential. With a fast pace news cycle, any minor error from the project team has the potential to create chaos on the crypto focused social platforms such as Telegram and Reddit. Reputation issues can create a downturn in confidence and market favourability. Creative and engaging PR arguably is solution to this.

Therefore, with massive capital inflow blockchain PR and cryptocurrency PR has already created increased interest, expectation and a decisive community can be very quick to judge a product or service. This public confidence can make or break products. Therefore, having a specialist blockchain PR agency with cryptocurrency PR experience, who knows the landscape can be the difference between a successful project or not.

Blockchain PR

PR agency for Blockchain

How we can help

Sherlock Communications has a proven track record of landing PR campaigns that educates, engages, increases brand value and client visibility to the media as well as the blockchain PR community in Brazil, South America and Latin America.

Through understanding our clients’ needs we have created the best cryptocurrency PR campaigns to share our clients’ stories. The dedicated team understands our B2B and B2C fintech and cryto clients business objectives and the unique challenges you face, bring your story to life. We establish a relationship built on trust and transparency, crafts stories, creating a variety of strong campaigns on a long-term strategy basis. This includes token PR, coin PR and crypto PR.

Strategic communications, working with the relevant media outlet at the right time, is essential. We create effective strong targeted media relations as well as leverage our considerable media relations network across Brazil, South America and Latin America. We know which stories will resonate with the right media outlet, enabling us to access to the biggest influencers online. For example, placing thought leadership articles in key, relevant publications at the relevant point, establishing your organisation as a key player and enables your story being read by influencers in the field. This takes our fintech and crypto clients to the next level with maximum prominence with journalists, investors, and the blockchain community. Creating business impact and achieving our clients’ business objectives.

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