Content Marketing

We believe one of the reasons PR agencies understand content marketing well is that they intuitively realise that it is not about overt-selling, like all of our work, it comes down to one very simple, editorial skill – storytelling.

In both the B2B or B2C context, “content marketing” in Brazil is an incredibly broad field, but at its heart, it is about creating and promoting custom content that educates, entertains and enhances interactions with your brand. All this with the aim of fostering acquisition, loyalty, and purchase intent.

There are many mediums to which it applies – websites, blogs, email marketing, forums, brochures and whitepapers being just some – but we believe the medium is secondary to the message.

As a Brazilian PR agency, for us, and particularly important in a country as diverse as Brazil, a content strategy is not the same as a content marketing strategy. Our clients and audiences come from diverse sectors and backgrounds that each require distinct linguistic and visual approaches.

To develop a content marketing strategy, we work with you to elaborate or refine an overarching and then series of brand stories that will best resonate with your target audiences in Brazil, then planning the channels on which they can be most effectively ‘told’.

To develop and execute a content strategy, we ensure that those stories (the language and visuals they use and the processes for creating them) work consistently across multiple territories, teams and media.

To learn more about our content philosophy, read our approach to planning and messaging.

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