PR Agency in Brazil – Our Story

Brazil is not easy! It’s a wonderfully rich and complex market that frequently presents international brands with cultural and operational challenges when it comes to PR agencies. But, then again, its potential rewards are commensurately high.

We founded Sherlock Communications specifically to help companies overcome these challenges – a Brazil PR Agency created to bridge the commercial and cultural gap between Brazil and foreign markets.

We specialise in boosting growth for international brands already present in the region as well as foreign companies launching here for the first time. Our structure and way of working are specifically designed to provide on-the-ground support to clients’ local teams, while also integrating seamlessly with their international marketing teams and structures.

“Brazil is not for beginners”

Tom Jobim, Composer

PR Agency in Latin America

PR Across Latin America

For clients requiring multi-market support in Latin America, we also have satellite teams in Lima, Bogota, Santiago, Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

Whether your objective is lead generation, driving downloads or building brand recognition, our PR team has the award-winning experience and multi-market expertise to provide all you need to localise and implement your global strategy and execute successful public relations, social media and marketing campaigns in Brazil and Latin America.

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Key Facts

  • A core team of 32 public relations specialists based mainly in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
  • Independently owned consultancy specialized in supporting international companies operating in Brazil and wider Latin America
  • Brazil-based, multi-lingual team from both agency and client-side background
  • Unlike a lot of bigger PR agencies, our senior team are actively involved in the day-to-day running of accounts.
  • Best-in-class Latin American (LatAm) network for multi-market executions, including on-the-ground teams in Lima, Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires and Santiago
  • A multi-award winning team of journalists, digital marketers, designers, PR and paid media professionals