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Recent years have seen significant changes in the communications and PR industry, including the reduction of full-time staff journalists in Brazilian and Latin American publications with many titles using contractors or freelancers. This is alongside the notable increase dominance of social media and in an era of 24 hours multiple sources of news and information. Influencers have been a part of the marketing and branding for decades, using celebrity status gained from sports, models or film stars. Yet, social media has changed who they are and how they used. Today, influencers can be any age but some of the most popular can be in their mid-teens.

Conventional thinking is often tying brands with big names celebrities but this often comes with a high budget. Also, they may not have as much pull as up-and-coming social media influencers who have built up a large following with high engagement with their followers and niche industry. They have built a relationship so influencers enjoy creating content that their followers care about but they will review a brand or product, assessing if the business offering offers a real interest to them and their followers, before agreeing to work together.

How does Influencer Marketing works and what is the benefit?

At its essence, the job of a good Brazilian PR agency is to act as advocates – developing and telling a client’s story in a way that meets their need to communicate important messages using relevant platforms. Sherlock has extensive experience in using influencers from a variety of industries to promote our client’s brands. Using our extensive and diverse contact list, ranging from the up-and-coming to the well-established, we identify influencers, reviewing both their background and following, ensuring that they are the right fit with our clients’ brand. This includes assessing influencers whose following fit our clients brand target demographic and have a reputation built on trust. This means that their followers are loyal. We also evaluate their posts content, if it’s all brand representation or sales.

Identifying the right influencer isn’t all about the number of followers but about their reaction and engagement as they help make a brand feel relevant. They often share their own experiences and stories, going into details about the product while entertaining their followers while promoting the product very directly. Hence aligning the right brands with the right influencers creates synergy, amplifying both the brand and influencer, as they both attract publicity and benefit from the brand recognition and loyalty.

How we can help

Once we’ve identified the right influencer there are normally two ways to work with them to promote a brand, paid or unpaid. Sherlock has expertise in both.

Paid brand ambassadors can include a celebrity or a speaker at an event with the relationships lasting the contracted period, acting as a spokesperson. It can be a close relationship where both work on projects. Unpaid brand ambassadors can promote through word of mouth using which ever social media platform they use to influence. Therefore, it’s more fluid, informal relationship, akin to being an advocate or a brand enthusiast.

Whichever way the influencer and brand work together, part of the campaign strategy is developing a content campaign which creates connections and fosters engagement with the influencers’ followers, the brands target market.

Examples include:

  • Writing a blog post or series together
  • Recording a video or podcast episode
  • Hold an webinar hosted by an influencer
  • Have the influencer at as brand ambassador or spokesperson at press conferences / events
  • Hold a live online Q&A with influencers followers
  • Run a contest with the influencer

Sherlock’s multi-lingual team will identify which are the best methods with the overall team of increasing our clients’ brand credibility, raising our clients’ brand awareness, increasing our clients’ online presence which all increase sales. With the KPI we establish to monitor and evaluate a campaign impact and success.

At Sherlock, we take pride in our strong media relationships, based on a simple philosophy of always being relevant, interesting and reliable. We always ensure we have compelling answers to four basic questions:

  1. Is this a genuinely newsworthy, topical story given the current news agenda?
  2. What is the different and interesting about the brand, product or services being announced?
  3. How is it specifically relevant to my region?
  4. How is this specifically relevant to my readership or sector?

Through answering these questions, working closely with our clients and carefully selected influencer to maximise relationships, create tailored content to really amplify our clients’ brand. Sherlock believes that our multi-talented bi-lingual team of PR experts can define and build brands, launch new products, protect reputations and tell our clients story more effectively than anyone else.

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