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Online Order for Brazil’s progress

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Event of the year

2018 may have been the year of the World Cup, but for Brazilians, the event that will be far more wide-reaching is the upcoming presidential elections. In October, more than 140 million voters will not only decide who will be the president of Brazil for the next four years, but also governors, senators and state and federal deputies.

For the first time in the history of the country, traditional media outlets (television, radio, newspapers and magazines) no longer hold power over political discussion in Brazilian society. Social media has been and will continue to be key in shaping opinion.

The power of social media in Brazil

With its great potential to encourage public debate, allowing the direct participation of voters, social media has also the potential to generate political polarization. This is mainly due to the way in which we access information and news through social platforms. Algorithms connect us with the content that most interests us and to people who have beliefs and opinions similar to ours, dividing society into contradictory points of view. This system also reinforces the phenomenon of post-truth, in which hard facts are losing importance in the political debate. People want to read something that reaffirms their point of view, whether it be falsehood or truth.

Amid the growing worldwide debate over the spread of fake news and its consequences to democracy, Brazil’s electoral court is in constant discussion with the press and major social media companies on how to tackle the problem that has also affected other countries such as the case of the United States elections, and the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom.

Fake news influence and how to combat it

On the one hand, the president of the Supreme Electoral Court, minister Luiz Fux, has already stated that the election may be cancelled if the result has been influenced by fake news. For the minister, the propagation of fake news “destroys candidacies and attacks democracy”.

On the other hand, Facebook launched its news verification program in Brazil earlier this year, in partnership with the checking platforms Aos Fatos and Agência Lupa. Both companies are made up of groups of independent journalists and have been chosen because they are part of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). After the United States, Brazil will also be the second country to adopt the Facebook tool that identifies political content ads. The registration process for the candidates, parties and coalitions that will take part in the elections began on Thursday 16th. From now on, there will be an indication that any political ad in the news feed is “Electoral Propaganda”, accompanied by the ID number of the advertiser.

One of the most popular platforms used by Brazilians, WhatsApp also decided to limit the forwarding of messages to 20 groups at a time, as a way to reduce the possibility of proliferation of fake news. The focus of Twitter will be checking and combating what the company calls “malicious automated accounts and/or that disseminate spam”, fake profiles or bots.

The debate on how to combat fake news is far from over and is not just a Brazilian problem – several countries are discussing updating their laws on the subject. The only certainty is that the Internet and social media have transformed the exercise of democracy and citizenship itself. There is no way back. Now, the question remains: how can we order this mess of information and educate a society towards progress?


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Quizzlet at SABRE Awards

Sherlock Communications takes first place at SABRE Awards Latin America

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Following our success earlier this year, being highly commended for the very first PR Week Global Award for Latin America, we are delighted to say that Sherlock Communications has been named as the winner of the SABRE Awards Latin America, Best Technology Campaign for our Educador Inspirador Campaign for Quizlet. The same campaign also received a Certificate of Excellence for the Marketing to Consumer (New Product) category.

The SABRE Awards, delivered by The Holmes Report, are the world’s largest PR awards programme and recognise superior achievement in branding and reputation in six regions: North America, EMEA, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, South Asia and Africa.

Sherlock’s winning campaign involved to taking US tech brand, online learning tool Quizlet, and successfully launching and growing the service in Brazil. We had to make it relevant and engaging, and drive downloads from multiple audiences across the country’s diverse educational system and geographical expanse.

The SABRE Awards Winning Campaign

As Quizlet can be used by anyone to learn anything, and as access and inclusivity are values core to the brand, Sherlock achieved this goal by putting the target audience at the heart of the campaign.

We made champions of and sourced news-worthy and shareable content from teachers, students, as well ongoing content-sourcing and production program, identifying partners and influencers to produce regular study decks of Quizlet content, which we then promoted to press and via social media.

One example was on Brazilian Black Consciousness Day (November 20th), we marked the occasion with a Quizlet campaign that outlined the achievements of 17 Afro-Brazilians from the country’s history, often ignored in history books.  Content was developed in partnership with influencers and sociologist Túlio Custódio, creator of popular website Pitacodemia, and Stefánie Ribeiro (black rights activist, and Marie Claire columnist -15k followers on Instagram). Coverage was secured on major national outlets including R7 and Catraca Livre, generating more than 16 thousand shares on social media.

We also identified and engaged a range of highly relevant online influencers and micro-influencers such as @alexeyrusso (354k followers in Brazil), with flashcards teaching key phrases in Russian for Brazilians planning to attend the World Cup in 2018.  His video that explained (in Portuguese) how to use Quizlet was watched 46,500 times, while a similar video made by Brazilian vlogger @tiadoingles (English Auntie) got 20,300 views.  Online channels like Matemática Passo a Passo (“Math Step by Step”; 101k followers) & Canal da Física (“Physics Channel” – 28k subscribers) hosted Quizlet tutorials for niche groups of followers.  Suddenly, Quizlet had a team of well-known personalities acting as spokespeople for the brand in Brazil.  Product recognition and popularity began to build.

Educador Inspirador – Finding Brazil’s most inspiring teacher

The highlight of the campaign was the development and launch of a Quizlet-owned state and national awards program – the Educador Inspirador (“Inspiring Educator”) Awards, that searched for and recognized innovative and inspiring teachers, as nominated online by students, parents, and other stakeholders. National winners would win a trip to Quizlet HQ in California.

A custom-built microsite invited user submissions while email marketing, press outreach, and regionally targeted social media actions created widespread engagement and visibility, while our staggered results and announcements process maximized PR opportunities in regional and state press outlets. After the nominations period was closed, we initially announced the top ten educators from each of Brazil’s 27 states (compiling shortlists based on nominees’ innovative use of technology to teach; and evidence of excellence), netting extensive local media coverage.

Users then voted for winners from the top ten nominees in each state followed by the announcement of 27 state-level winners, which created yet more regional press opportunities. Each teacher received the Quizlet Premium product for their school, and a certificate, which they all photographed and posted online, creating yet more marketing collateral and user-generated content for the client.

Inspiring Educators from some of the 27 states of Brazil


For the ultimate decision, we partnered with online education portal Nova Escola (“New School”), part of the Brazilian Lemann Foundation (a highly respected educational institution), to form an independent panel of judges for final deliberations.  The campaign culminated with TV Record, one of Brazil’s biggest TV networks, airing the result (4.45min report) on national TV on the afternoon of Christmas Day (the timeslot with the highest viewing figures of the year). Reporters visited the school of Claudinei Ferreira Gundim, history and geography teacher in the remote rural city of Nova Tebas in Paraná, and showed how Brazil’s most Inspiring Educator used technology and Quizlet to innovate and inspire in the classroom despite limited access to internet and technology.

The campaign resulted in nearly 200 pieces of coverage and users from every state of Brazil, nationwide print, online and broadcast coverage, more than 60,000 organic shares across social media and widespread downloads and ongoing active users from across the country.

The SABRE Awards Latin America Ceremony takes place on September 12th in Mexico City, do let us know if you are going to be there!

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With so many advances, will the lamps continue to transmit light?

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signify pannel event in Brazil

Internet of Things, Smart Housing and LED Lights

Almost 150 years ago, Thomas Edison realized that by heating a carbon rod to a certain temperature, it emitted light and thereby created the first marketable incandescent bulb. For decades this was the method used to light homes, offices and city streets around the world, but after a few years, they noticed that this is not the most efficient way.

In the 1970s, in the midst of the oil crisis, there was a new way of emitting light that was more economical than the incandescent lamp, the halogen. This has the same operating method as above, it only has a tungsten filament, while the other has a carbon one. However, with the growing popularity of ecological causes, halogen lamps were gradually giving way to LEDs, which peaked in the mid-2000s.

With the promise of a lower energy expenditure – studies prove that an LED lamp can save 50% more energy than incandescent – and a durability 10 times longer than any other lamp this lighting medium has been growing more and more over the years. years. An Abilux survey released at the end of 2017 pointed out that consumption of this type of lamp should increase 10% per year by 2022. With this accelerated growth, a recent study by Million Insights pointed out that by 2025 the global market for LED lamps should be worth 108 billion dollars.

Smart Lighting technology

Nowadays, with technology constantly advancing and people’s need to increasingly have almost complete control over all the objects they have, the connectivity between all – or most – of these articles is of utmost importance. For this reason, it was created, what is called today Internet of Things (IoT), a network of interconnectivity between physical objects, vehicles and even buildings that have a technology capable of collecting and transmitting data the LEDs have entered this network.

The most modern LED lamps today have the possibility of connecting with several other objects and even transmit the most diverse data to the smartphone of those who command them. Its simplest of commands is to turn the light on and off, even more complex like copying the colour grid of a photo and transmitting it in the house. The LED, among other technological lamps, is part of what is called Smart Lighting.

In addition, with technology increasingly focused on the day-to-day ease of their users as well as their safety, the newest creation in terms of Intelligent Lighting is LiFi, created by Signify, a leader in the global lighting market. As reported by journalist Anna Kellen, from TechTudo, this product “looks like science fiction” because it transmits, through the light, data between devices, the same as traditional Wi-Fi. Signify studies point out that LiFi can be up to 100 times faster than Wi-Fi and has greater security than the latter.

Connected Lighting 2018

With all this in mind and the increasingly imminent proximity of smart cities and homes, there remains the pertinent doubt pointed out by a participant in the Connected Lighting 2018 event that took place on Thursday, August 9 in São Paulo: “Will the lamps, with so many utilities and innovations, continue to transmit light?

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About the coverage – June 14th

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With the vision of empowering people through technology, Instructure’s flagship products, Canvas and Bridge, enable organizations everywhere to easily develop, deliver and manage online or face-to-face learning experiences.

Now the company is looking for four Brazilian companies to participate in the first phase of the Instructure Booster Partner Program, an incubation program for education and technology startups.

That information was published for the past few weeks in websites specialized in startups, such as the reference media outlet startupi.


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About the coverage – May 30th

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With Verbling you can choose to learn from between more than 40 different languages and have classes with native teachers anywhere you want via video conference, giving you the tools to learn another language for personal reasons or professional reasons!

The online language teaching platform has virtually all of its employees around the world working remotely, as well as their teachers and students. This not only goes to show how forwarding thinking Verbling is as a company, but gives the company a unique know-how in how to be effective working remotely.

This was the focus in this article by Verbling marketing director Jina Shin, in which she explains how the day to day realities of remote work life really work, everything from meetings to project management. It was published in America Economia, one of the most important business and economy media outlets in Brazil.

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About the coverage – May 24th

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Supply chain and ecommerce technology leader, Manhattan Associates continues to gain industry recognition, being named as “visionary” once again in the Gartner Inc Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems (TMS).

The report focused on the quality of the TMS software, the vision of execution of Supply Chain (SCE) and Manhattan Associates’ position in the market.

Revista Mundo Logística, one of the most important publications in Brazil about logistics and business solutions, was one of the media outlets that covered the story.


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About the coverage – May 18th

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Freshworks Inc is the company behind a suite of products including Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshsales, Freshcaller, Freshteam, Freshchat and Freshmarketer, all designed to work together to increase collaboration among teams and help them connect and communicate better with their clients and co-workers.

They have been doing an amazing job since being founded in October 2010. it’s cloud-based SaaS suite is used by over 150,000 customers worldwide including Honda, Bridgestone, Hugo Boss and Toshiba.

In this article Freshworks’ CEO Girish Mathrubootham, gives some tips for  dealing with difficult clients and turning difficult conversations into a chance to learn.

The tips can help make relationships easier and more positive for both businesses and customers. They can also offer a great way to position the brand  and increase  awareness about how they can be helpful for business all over Brazil in solving some day to day issues.


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The Brazil Business and Politics Round-up May 14th 2018

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  • CIA Document exposes former President from the Brazilian military regime as executions supporter The CIA document was posted on social media by journalist Matias Spektor, which claimed the piece was “the most disturbing confidential document” that he had ever read in 20 years of research
  • Brazil’s Justice proposes extention of privileged jurisdiction restriction Justice Dias Toffoli, a member of Brazil’s Supreme Court, has drafted a proposal to extend the restriction of privileged jurisdiction to all the authorities of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches at the federal, state and local levels
  • Witness accuses city councilor in the Murder of Marielle Franco; Politician Denies Connection “My relationship with Marielle was very good; I don’t understand why this factoid against me was created,” said Marcello Siciliano; Marielle Franco (PSOL) was murdered on March 14


  • Brazilian Airline Companies affected by soaring oil prices The price of the commodity is causing major concern for airline companies, once they suffer from the consequences of high prices for the fuel, raising their operating costs
  • Viracopos airport seeks for bankruptcy protection If the request for Bankruptcy protection filed on Monday (the 7th) is granted, partners could get relief from their payment obligations for concession granting fees already due for 2017 and those that come due at the end of the month.

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About the coverage – May 10th

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Airfox continues to make waves in Brazil with it’s unique financial service app based on blockchain technology. This week Forbes magazine carried a great piece in which it described Airfox as “democratic fintech”, as the mission of the app is to grant access to financial services to Brazilian’s without bank accounts on their smartphones.

Over 64% of the population of Brazil don’t have bank accounts. And the ones that do have to face high taxes and a lot of bureaucracy. Not only does Airfox grant access to services such as deposits, payments and charging the public transport card on the palm of the user’s hand, the app also doesn’t require credit checks, unlike it’s competitors, which means anybody can be an Airfox user.

On this Forbes piece, Airfox’s CEO Victor Santos was interviewed and talked about banking accessibility in Brazil.


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