About the coverage – April 20th

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You can read it on the Sherlock Communications website or even written on the wall in our São Paulo office. “Brazil is not for beginners”, as said by Tom Jobim, one of Brazil’s music greats.

We help companies overcome cultural and operational challenges in projects and campaigns, such as the launch of a product in foreign countries. That’s what’s happening with USA Chip and ViviCash, two new fresh business and brands just released by ViVi Mobile – a company based in Boca Raton, Florida, US.

As part of the coverage we generated for them, we highlight this piece on Estado de S. Paulo, one of the biggest newspapers in Brazil with a circulation of 121.549 in the Greater São Paulo area. Ckeck it below, along with two links to some of the on-line coverage.




The Brazil Business and Politics Round-up April 16th 2018

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  • Arrest Weakens Lula and Sets Marina Silva Close to Bolsonaro A nation-wide survey carried out last week shows that Lula is still leading the poles with 31% in the most favorable scenario among the nine possible candidates
  • Senator Aécio Neves May Become a Defendant in New Trial The defeated candidate in the last presidential elections was accused of passive corruption and obstruction of justice in June 2017, in an investigation related to JBS’ plea bargain; Aécio was caught on tape asking Joesley Batista for US$ 587,000.
  • Cash Was Used to Pay for Work Done for Temer’s Daughter, Says Supplier Architect Maria Rita Fratezi, wife of President Michel Temer personal friend, paid expenses related to the remodeling of a home belonging to one of the President’s daughters in cash, according to one of the project’s suppliers.


  • Marfrig Acquires Part of National Beef, Becoming World’s 2nd Largest Meat Company The acquisition of National Beef will be financed through private bank Rabobank; The Brazilian National Development Bank helped Marfrig and other Brazilian food processing companies expand
  • Despite Economic Recovery, Brazilians’ Income Declined in 2017 The fall was driven by salaries, still a reflex of the labor market crisis; The figures show that Brazil was coming from a very bad situation and it continued very bad,” says FGV economist Fernando de Holanda Barbosa Filho

About the coverage – April 12th

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A signed article with insight about an area of interest is a great way to get coverage. One example it’s this recent one we generated for our new client Freshworks.

This article by Simon Johnson, General Manager of Freshworks in UK and Ireland, was published as an exclusive on Callcenter, a subdivision of Clientes SA, one of the most important business websites in Brazil. It was featured as a highlight in it’s homepage.

It lists five tips to ensure on-line chats meets client expectations. Coverage like this helps the brand to stablish itself as a leading and a reference in it’s developing softwares to increase collaboration among teams and helping them connect and communicate better with their customers and co-workers.

Read it here: http://callcenter.inf.br/artigos/66436/dicas-para-garantir-que-chats-atendam-expectativas/ler.aspx

The Brazil Business and Politics Round-up April 9th 2018

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  • Former President Lula arrested. While the politician Lawyer said that the order Is Arbitrary, Judge Sérgio Moro has ordered the arrest of Lula after the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court rejected the habeas corpus request filed by his lawyers.
  • The Federal Supreme Court Denied Lula Habeas Corpus in a 6×5 vote. The case that resulted in his condemnation involves the triplex apartment in Guarujá (SP) has now exhausted it’s compliance procedures and formalities at the 4th Regional Federal Tribunal (TRF-4).
  • Brazilian Army Commander said he repudiates impunity on the eve of the Lula Ruling. The opinion was shared on a social media platform. General Eduardo Villas Boas stated that the army always remains vigilant when it comes to its institutional duties, raising eyebrows when it comes to democracy.


  • Brazil could lose up to R$ 1.1 Billion in exports because of new U.S. Steel Tariff. If applied, the U.S.’s new tariff on imported steel would affect at least 13% of the steel exported by Brazil. The measure announced by President Trump would also lead to a decline of 1.2% in the activity level in the Brazilian sector and would affect the production of semi-finished steel.
  • State of Pará Demands US$ 75 million Settlement from Norwegian Company The governor of the state of Pará filed a civil environmental lawsuit demanding that Hydro Alunorte pay the state R$ 250 million in damages after inadequately disposing of untreated waters in the city of Barcarena, 100 kilometers away from state capital Belém.

About the coverage – April 5th

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This article on Hotelier News, one of the top tourism websites in Brazil, is one of the pieces of coverage achieved for our client SiteMinder, present in WTM-LA (World Travel Market – Latin America).

The important and influential 3-days event is being held in São Paulo and the Sherlock Communications team is accompanying SiteMinder’s representatives on every step of WTM-LA, providing general consulting and intermediating interviews with relevant publications and journalists of tourism and travel media.

Targeting brand awareness and networking, Sherlock also promoted a breakfast for the press before the first day of WTM-LA show, when the General Manager for Brazil and Iberia Mateus Coelho presented new studies and relevant information about technology for hotel industry.

The Brazil Business and Politics Round-up April 2nd 2018

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  • 2017 was a record for the apprehension of contraband goods and merchandise in Brazil: The Federal Revenue Service seized US$ 693 million in unregistered merchandise; This is the largest amount since 2010 and represents an increase of nearly 10% over 2016
  • Brazil’s former president ended his caravan campaign in the south of the country with an event in Curitiba attended by thousands of people – which also had moments of tension
  • Supreme Court Justice Authorizes Maluf to Serve Sentence in House Arrest Former mayor of São Paulo has been in the jail of Papuda, in Brasília, since December 2017; In his decision, Justice Toffoli said that Maluf’s defense presented documents that prove that the congressman “is having severe problems related to his health in prison”


  • Construction Firm Odebrecht Signs Public Contract for First Time since Operation Lava Jato Began The firm won a bid to modernize a unit of the Santa Cruz thermoelectric plant in Rio de Janeiro, which belongs to federal state-owned company Furnas, a subsidiary of Eletrobras; The Furnas contract is worth approximately US$ 180 million
  • Informal Sector Employment Becomes Obstacle for Brazil’s GDP in 2018 Last year, all 1.8 million jobs created belonged to the informal sector; The average income of workers without work permits, sometimes referred to as workers who are “on their own”, is half the income of formal sector worker.

About the coverage – 28/3

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One of the new clients for Sherlock Communications in 2018 is Airfox. A fintech who’s mission is to grant access to Brazil’s unbanked population by allowing them to have financial services on their smartphones.

Our work with them for the launch of the product went from creating the visual identity, designing the social media pages and campaigns to making focus groups to understand more about the target public of the app and more.

When it comes to press coverage, here’s one of the best pieces of coverage we generated for them on the launch campaign. The print edition of Diário do Comércio, one of Brazil’s leading publication when it comes to business and financial market.

The article featured an interview with Airfox CEO Victor Santos, and was also published on the DC website. Diário do Comércio is from Belo Horizonte, the same city where Victor was born. That fact was used when selling the story to the publication.

The Brazil Business and Politics Round-up March 26th 2018

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  • Federal Intervention in Rio de Janeiro Approved by 76%; Majority Sees No Change The decree ordering the intervention was signed by President Michel Temer on February 16; Since then, the Brazilian Army has been responsible for fighting violence in the state.
  • Michel Temer Prepares Electoral Package with Announcements and Inaugurations The package includes increases in the Bolsa Família welfare program, the inaugurations of housing for the underprivileged and airport terminals as well as a visit to a hospital already operational.
  • Most Rio de Janeiro Residents Received Fake News about Marielle Franco, but Did Not Believe It On Thursday, March 22, Rio de Janeiro courts ordered Google to take down 16 Youtube videos which contained offensive messages against Marielle, or it would have to pay fines of R$ 1,000 per day.


  • President Temer Mentions Suspension of Steel Tariff without US Official Statement The American government had announced previously that the 25% tariffs on steel and 10% on aluminum would come into force on Friday, March 23, and the only countries exempted would be Mexico and Canada.
  • Brazil’s Department of Federal Revenue Approves Land Border Duty Free Shops This means that stores subjected to a special taxation regime – similar to the ones that exist in airports and ports – will be able to operate along Brazil’s borders, selling tax-free items to international travelers.
  • Lack of Government Policies Affects the Development of Tourism on National Level At least that was the main conclusion that participants of the Tourism and the Internationalization of Brazil Conference arrived at. The event took place on Thursday (the 15th) at the Pinacoteca in the state of São Paulo and was sponsored by Embratur and supported by CVC.

About the coverage – 22/3

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Sherlock Communications supports Novos Líderes Empreendedores, a NGO which enables young people from marginalized communities in Rio de Janeiro to change their circumstances through the application of their ideas in business. A great recent example is Lilian Fernandes, 16, who designed two t-shirts for Reserva Mini, one of Brazil’s coolest brands, after taking part in a course organised by the NGO. Profits from the sale of the t-shirts will go to support the charity’s work.

As part of our campaign, O Globo, one of the most important newspapers in the country, published Lilian’s story, as an example of a young woman who is using creativity and innovation to reach her goals.

In addition to other pieces of coverage, digital influencers promoted the project, like @stefany_vaz, @otavioshn, @camilasimoesp and jubernardino_.


Sherlock São Paulo comes to Rio

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The Sherlock São Paulo team comes to Rio


Some of the São Paulo team landed in gorgeous Rio de Janeiro recently for a well deserved escape from the winter cold for a weekend of strategic planning and a communications workshop with our good friends and partners at Educate the Favela.

Isa, Amanda and Lucas presenting their ideas to the group


Educate the Favela are a small NGO who hold entrepreneurship classes and mentoring for youths and collaborative art projects in the excluded communities of Complexo do Alemão, Olária and Rocinha in Rio, offering young people alternative pathways to success and empowerment.

Complexo do Alemão


On Saturday the two teams piled into an apartment in Ipanema to collaborate on a new communications strategy for the growing project, discussing how to attract more volunteers, reach new participants, and tell people about the fantastic work they do.

As a business in Brazil, we have an absolute responsibility to put something back into the community, and it is for this reason we like to work with selected partners who we can see delivering tangible benefits to the community around them. We feel that this is one of the best ways we can contribute; by offering our expertise and time to help worthwhile organisations to grow and deliver on their potential to help vulnerable people.

Sherlock team at the Beach


If you would like to help this project, either by making a donation, or as a volunteer, get in touch with them at info@educatethefavela.org

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