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An Online Necessity

Social media is an essential part of a brand’s online identity. It helps increase visibility, reach and awareness – connecting brands with potential customers. While social media is useful as a stand-alone platform across multiple channels – including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube – as part of an integrated PR campaign, they can significantly enhance a brand’s impact. It is also an important metric with a twofold effect: representing a brand’s online voice – its persona – and improving website rankings with search engine optimisation (SEO).  

Social media management includes governance, setting a brand’s persona, culture and tone, as well as defining an active or passive voice. It’s also the day-to-day running of social media profiles. Advertising on these platforms is powerful – the growth and reach of content can be boosted significantly by sponsoring posts and attracting new followers.

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How social media works and why is it important?

Successful social media channels have built-in data analytics tools, allowing brands to monitor the impact of their PR campaigns. Brands can use social media to speak to a number of stakeholders: key opinion formers such as journalists and bloggers, current and potential customers and employees, as well as the general public.

Brands using social media marketing can also allow existing and potential customers to post user-generated content, comments and product reviews – also known as earned media – positioning customers as brand advocates and ambassadors.

The importance of social media management will only grow as search engines like Google increasingly recognise social media platforms as real and reliable marketing tools, which, in turn, affects SEO results.

How we can help?

With so many ways to reach and engage with a brand’s ideal audience, it’s essential to get it right. Sherlock Communications understands that each brand’s industry, business goals and objectives are unique. We work collaboratively with our clients – from sectors as diverse as entertainment, education, business services and technology – to develop effective models for customer support, governance, escalation, and crisis management. The end result is a distinct strategy that guarantees results and empowers the in-house team.

Our specialists can recommend the optimum approach for clients to succeed online. We cover everything from strategic planning to content creation, community management, paid-for promotions and evaluation. Our custom methodologies, tools, and multi-channel campaign management ensures clients an effective, optimised and scalable social media presence in Brazil. Whatever your objectives, Sherlock Communications has developed an agile, tried-and-tested approach for planning, creating and promoting stand-alone visual and written content in Portuguese, as well as adapting and maximising the value of international social media assets. Our aim is for our clients to get the best return for their advertising budget.

Using social media as part of an integrated and monitored PR campaign, we can increase the fan and follower base of our clients, increase engagement and deliver tailored leads – all in a short time frame.

Sherlock Communications develops the creatives in addition to constructing and managing campaigns. We ensure brand message consistency and targeting without inundating the same channels or target audiences. Using the data analytics, we also provide detailed reporting and conduct testing to guarantee the most effective approach.

We have established relationships with the key social media channels and stay up-to-date on the latest advertising features and market trends by working closely with their representatives. This enables us to keep our clients competitive and audiences engaged.

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The uniqueness of the Brazilian market

We are experts in managing PR campaigns in Brazil. There is no one-size-fits-all approach because of the tremendous cultural, educational and economic diversity in Brazil. The Brazilian consumption of social media now dwarfs European and North American user-bases, due to the increasing use of smartphones and consumer credit paired with Brazil’s hyper-social culture.

At around 3.3 hours per day, Brazil is the second in the world in the average time consumers spend on social media. Brazilian engagement rates are significantly higher than other markets (approximately 158% higher per post compared to the US for example).

Brazilian social media users tend to have a particularly sardonic sense of humour – friends are just as likely to share disparaging memes of politicians and gaffs from brands as gossip.

With such disparate audiences, the opportunities for brands to engage the Brazilian market using social media is immense. It’s a significant opportunity but can also represent a risk. Any social media campaign or content needs to be carefully planned to ensure that there are no unintended ironies lost in translation. Sharing is often not the problem. Standing out and getting the message right frequently is. Sherlock Communications has the capability of achieving this.