Across Latin America

At Sherlock Communications, we have our feet on the ground in the six biggest economies in Latin America. We’ve been running successful campaigns across multiple Latin American territories for some time, and we’re pretty good at what we do – just talk to any of our clients, they’ll tell you.

Whether it’s media relations, social and digital media, influencer or inbound lead generation campaigns, Sherlock’s coordinating hub in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, works with satellite teams in Lima, Bogotá, Santiago, Mexico City and Buenos Aires to deliver great results for clients ranging from disruptive tech companies to blue-chip brands.

We offer services in all of the markets listed below (and can provide support in others on request), click on the icons for more information:


Home to 205 million people, one in every three Latin Americans is Brazilian. By far the largest economy in Latin America and 8th largest in the world.



South America’s 2nd largest economy, a growing innovation hub and a potential market of 44 million consumers.



The region’s most stable and prosperous nation, and the first Latin American country to join the OECD.



One of the Latin America’s most exiting recent success stories with sustained GDP growth expected to reach 3.5% by 2022.



A market of nearly 120 million people, Latin America’s second largest economy , predicted become the world’s fifth largest economy by 2050.



One of the fastest growing economies in the region, with Per capita GDP the highest it has ever been.


Way of Working

Our wider team is comprised of an experienced and eclectic group of journalists, digital marketers, videographers, and corporate communicators, with a flare for creating campaigns that demand column inches, generate great engagement and create meaningful business impacts.

We work closely with our clients to ensure we fully understand their product or service, before designing campaigns that are guaranteed to resonate with would-be clients and customers in each of their target markets.

Our Latin American work is integrated and cohesive, with weekly meetings and periodical reports and feedback from on-the-ground teams to ensure accurate flow of insights and results.

For international clients, we also provide transparent, English-language reporting, designed to complement their existing international processes and team structures.

Our Philosophy to LatAm PR Campaigns

For international companies, particularly those new to the region, there can be a temptation to think that Latin American markets can be grouped together when planning PR and marketing strategies.

This is not the case. Latin America is comprised of more than 20 countries, and the cultural nuances, economies and media landscapes in each nation are distinct. In fact, there are often huge demographic diversities within individual countries, across the urban rural divide and between individual cities.

Although Spanish is the official language in most Latin American markets, apart from Brazil, there are enormous variations in Spanish from Argentina and Spanish from Mexico, for example and while English fluency can be reasonable in some of the capital cities, and generally in the higher socioeconomic apex, it is still not widely spoken in the region.

Localisation is key.

A successful public relations campaign in Brazil is unlikely to have any traction in Peru, or vice versa. Colombians think differently to Brazilians, who are very different to the Chileans, who in turn have contrasting personalities to their Argentine next-door neighbours. Mexico, meanwhile, is worlds apart from all of the above.

These differences mean that, more than just being ineffective, a one-size-fits all approach LATAM PR and marketing campaigns runs the risk of antagonizing different audiences in the region, and can result in more reputational harm than good.

The importance of “boots on the ground”

To decode the motivations, mindsets and behaviours of audiences across different territories, Sherlock firmly believes that a genuinely Latin American PR agency needs to have local teams on the ground.

It may appear that the various populations in Latin America are warm and welcoming to foreigners and foreign brands, despite decades if not centuries of hardship, colonisation, dictatorships, etc, but this can be misleading.

Although the political histories, business customs and legal landscapes in the region can seem alien and even bizarre to the outsider, they can also represent sensitive personal and collective memories in those countries and it is vitally important that PR strategies and are developed and implemented by local professionals to protect against unintended and costly faux pas and localization errors.