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Mexico is considered the media powerhouse of Spanish speaking Latin America, due to the concentration of newspapers, publishers, radio stations, and TV networks.

More than 420 newspapers and 1,600 magazines, many industry-specific, are published in Mexico. Mexico City alone has fifteen newspapers, with its dailies accounting for more than 50% of national circulation. The biggest titles are: Esto; Novedades; sports paper Ovaciones; El Heraldo de México; Excélsior, arguably the most prestigious of the national daily titles; El Financeiro; El Universal, the oldest of the traditional papers, known for its independence in reporting; and El Nacional, the official paper of the federal government.

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Major News Group

OEM is the largest newspaper group not only in Mexico, but in Latin America, and owns at least ninety publications throughout the country, including La Prensa; Esto; Trato Directo, along with 24 radio stations and 44 websitesOEM’s online properties are among the most visited web pages in the country.

There are five national news agencies; Notimex; Infomex; Notipress; Noti-Accion; Agencia Mexicana de Información. Infomex is the largest with around 100 offices dotted around the country, and at least 20 foreign correspondents around the globe.

Although commercial broadcasters are financed by advertising (a mix of public and private), they are obliged to give 20% of their broadcast time for governmental use. Four TV networks dominate 75% of national coverage and are carried by cable providers at no cost to the consumer.

Careful Messaging

The most effective Mexican PR and communications campaigns should be specific to the country, and its various cultural idiosyncrasies should be well understood with the help of your local Mexican PR agency. The Mexican populace can be understandably offended with insensitive messaging, and they have long memories, so it is prudent to plan and localise campaigns with care. A campaign that was a resounding success in Argentina may mean very little, culturally, to a Mexican audience, and may have an effect that is opposite to that desired.

Advertising in the print media in Mexico is not cheap and can be found to be on a par with rates in large international cities. Advertising on billboards is still common practice in Mexico, and there are more than 100 billboard companies, with a range of products. The ideal campaign for your product will largely depend on what you are selling, and to whom. Your PR agency will help you to identify the most appropriate way to get your brand message across to your select public and will have the media contacts to ensure maximum exposure.


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