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Business-Focused Approach

Sherlock Communications has a different view on strategic planning than most PR agencies in Brazil.

A single principle governs our strategic planning approach: no matter how creative, a campaign is only as useful as the business problems it solves for our clients.

And as many will attest, doing business in Brazil can occasionally be complicated…

Whereas other PR agencies may take a repetitive approach, duplicating strategic planning tactics and models from previous campaigns, Brazil and the wider Latin America are such diverse, sometimes challenging, markets that we believe require a more business-focused approach is required.

The experience here and abroad has taught us; the strategic planning tactics, messages, media and channels that work for one brand will not necessarily work for another.

Like detectives, our philosophy is first to investigate a client’s challenges and unique circumstances.

Our methodology starts with a full interrogation of your business objectives, your target audiences, the actions or behaviour you wish them to take and where exactly your brand and offering fit within the broader competitive, media and cultural landscape in Brazil.

Once we have detected the nature of your challenge and opportunity, we set plain objectives and KPIs and a well-defined tactical plan and journey that will help your business achieve clearly measurable results.

We like to think of it as building a bridge.

Whatever your sector and whatever your budget for PR in Brazil, our philosophy is to provide the flexibility, recommendations and advice to find the most effective solution for your circumstances.

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