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Global Risk Response

Whether caused by data breaches, hacks and outages, criminal activity, political change, industrial accidents or attacks from third-party groups, Brazil is no stranger to crisis and companies operating in the market need to be aware of the potential reputational and communications risks involved.

But the reality is, in today’s global hyper-connected world, crises can quickly spread across national borders and international brands need to be able to manage and respond to risk not just in one territory but in many.

As always in crisis communications, and in Brazil, failing to plan is planning to fail. As a genuinely international and Brazilian PR agency, Sherlock Communications’ international as well as local-market expertise allows us to work with your country and international teams to:

  • Conduct risk assessment audits
  • Anticipating and develop crisis response plans and toolkits for best and worst case scenarios
  • Identify and media train and create access models for a crisis response team of in-house spokespeople
  • Monitoring and notification systems
  • Development of holding statements in nuanced Portuguese and emergency paid search campaigns around negative keywords
  • Proactive media and social media outreach for the right of reply
  • Internal and employee engagement and reassurance campaigns
  • Post-crisis analysis and ongoing reputation recovery measures

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