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Vibrant and Bustling

One-third of the Argentine population lives in the cosmopolitan portal of Greater Buenos Aires (BA), an innovation hub in Latin America, and recent host to the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-17). New technology solutions are quickly embraced by the city to improve convenience in the daily life of 14 million inhabitants.

BA is a vibrant and bustling 24-hour city, that boasts employment rates that are considerably higher than in other urban parts of Argentina (70% as opposed to 57%).

Calle Corrientes, the “street that never sleeps” and a long-standing “intellectuals hang-out” cuts through downtown Buenos Aires, offering a plethora of cinemas, theatres, and bookshops. With disposable incomes nearly ten percent higher than colleagues in other Argentine cities, porteños (Buenos Aires residents) spend more on restaurants, hotels, and education. There’s no shortage of places to spend cash either, with a dizzying variety of niche and vertical markets in the city’s 48 unique neighbourhoods

PR in Argentina - Buenos Aires

Co-working - PR in Argentina

Diverse Co-Working

The largest co-work ambience in Latin America is to be found in Buenos Aires, with more than 500 companies and entrepreneurs sharing more than five thousand metres of creative office space. Like many countries, the capital is also the heart of PR in Argentina, media and marketing scene but, also as in other countries, brands should be wary of campaigns and PR strategies that focus too BA-centric at the expense of the rest of the country.

A previously stagnant real estate market has picked up considerably since the new government introduced mortgage type loans, encouraging people to invest in the housing market, where previously they could not. Government stimuli, like low-interest loans to recipients of universal child allowance, are expected to further boost consumer spending in the coming years.

Argentina is a country made up of many immigrant groups, and Buenos Aires perfectly reflects this, with European settlers arriving before the turn of the century, and in more recent years, vast numbers arrived from China, making it Argentina’s fourth largest immigrant group. Greater Buenos Aires is home to the largest Jewish community in Latin America, and seventh largest in the world.

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