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E-commerce took a long time to become popular in Brazil largely due to consumer mistrust of shopping online and immature logistics networks, but many have now been convinced by the convenience and economy of the online version of their traditional physical stores.

Today, Brazil is one of the most outstanding opportunities for online marketers in Latin America and the world, with a forecast of 12% growth for the e-commerce market in 2018 and a total of R$ 60 billion in sales, according to data of the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm).

The desktop is still the primary means for conducting online shopping. However, the significant increase in the number of smartphones in the hands of Brazilians is stimulating a rapid growth in m-commerce, highlighting the importance of including mobile strategies in any communications campaign specially for PR in Brazil.

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Online - PR in Brazil


Brazil is the fourth largest country in terms of number of Internet users, behind the United States, India and China, according to a report from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). There are about 120 million people connected to the web in a population of more than 207 million inhabitants.

Brazilians are also among the most passionate users of social networks and messaging applications in the world. Brazil is the third most active online country in the world: Brazilians, average, 9h14 a day. Facebook and YouTube are among the social networks most used by Brazilians, resulting in a large market for digital influencers and explaining incredibly high output of and fascination with creating memes. WhatsApp and Instagram are also applications that are almost compulsory installs on Brazilian smartphones.

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