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Agência de RP Brasileira

Counting on the support of a PR agency in Brazil while expanding the operations of your enterprise in the country is a good way to avoid problems created by cultural shocks, besides contributing to your business conquering more space at the local market


Entering the Brazilian market can be full of challenges for international enterprises, especially due to the cultural differences, which have a habit of developing into one of the main barriers of conquering new clients in the country.

It’s a well-known fact that, for gaining a larger market share in the country, it’s simply not enough to replicate the same marketing and public relations tactics for Brazil as has been used in other countries; it’s necessary to tailor new approaches in many scopes, taking into consideration the new context that they will be applied to.  

Due to this panorama, counting – or not – on the help of a PR agency in Brazil can be the choice that will determine the success of your business at reaching your target audience in the country.

Find out 5 ways that a PR agency specialised in the local culture can help the entry or expansion of your multinational business in Brazil.


1. Positive appearances for your brand in Brazilian news media

With the mediatic relationship work that PR agencies develop, it becomes easier to highlight your brand positively in local media. The main advantage of this service is in the possibility of introducing your target audience to your brand, hence expanding your brand’s relevance in the country and helping create a good reputation.


2. Good orientations in developing advertising campaigns

Repeating campaigns and advertising strategies that have been used abroad will rarely deliver good results in Brazil. This is due to the fact that we are talking about a multicultural country, that offers lots of challenges especially to those who aren’t used to it.

So, to reach your target audience, there’s nothing better than to count on the support of specialised professionals who understand the local culture and can offer the necessary consultancy for building effective advertising campaigns.


3. Showing the right direction to developing an effective content marketing strategy

Content marketing is an extremely useful tool for attracting new clients and in developing the loyalty of the old ones. However, these objectives can only be achieved with the support of an effective strategy, which has to be composed of content that’s relevant to the region, and that also communicates effectively with the target audience.

In that sense, even if your enterprise has a well-structured international marketing team, going for the consultancy of a PR agency in Brazil can be the necessary step in creating a new marketing strategy that’s adequate and assertive.


4. Supporting the creation of internal campaigns to stimulate the engagement of Brazilian employees

While thinking about the management of Brazilian employees, it’s important to keep in mind that internal actions that were initially designed for people from another country may suffer from cultural noise and end up being completed contrary to expectations.

To produce effective and coherent actions it’s necessary to understand the Brazilian employee’s cultural context. This role can be well-played by a public relations agency with enough experience to deal with the demands of enterprises that have eyes on conquering the Brazilian market.


5. Strategic support to deal with moments of crisis

Moments of crisis will probably come at some point, but the best way of dealing with them tends to vary from country to country. To choose the best way of dealing with a crisis is necessary to count on the support of a team that is specialised in business in Brazil, and also understands the difficulties and demands that international enterprises tend to have in the Brazilian market.

A PR agency in Brazil can do a lot for your business whether bringing or expanding it into Brazil by using local expertise to favour the best decisions. This way, you will be able to avoid unnecessary problems that could be generated by cultural and marketing inadequacies.


Sherlock Communications is a PR agency that offers a diverse list of services for enterprises that wish to insert themselves into the Brazilian market. Check out our options and see what we can do for your business.


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