Social Media Advertising: Dos and Dont’s for those starting out in LATAM

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When it comes to social media advertising towards Latin American audiences, there’s no magic potion that will make you automatically know what will engage your target audience and obtain incredible results, especially if you’re not so familiar with your audience’s preferences and behaviour. As with social media advertising generally, there are, indeed, a few things you should aim for and others you should avoid to ensure your budget is money well spent.


Here are a few basic Dos and Dont’s to help you evaluate your current/future advertising strategies in Latin America:

1. Get rid of unnecessarily long text 

Longer texts are not enough to define if your content will be considered relevant by the people you will impact. In fact, during the social media era, what people prefer are short texts which sum up an important idea and quickly convey their messages in bitesized chunks.


2. Avoid creative designs containing more than 20% text 

Publishing ads in social media with more than 20% of the image being text is something some people still do, but are unaware of the implications. This amount of text may mean your ads are penalised by social media platforms, decreasing the reach and decreasing the cost-effectiveness of the advertising strategy.


3. Unedited stock photos in your ads will make them forgettable

There are beautiful stock photos available, that’s something there’s no doubt about. However, using a stock photo with no unique design element, not even your brands logo, can mean your ad comes across as unremarkable. Try to always visually attach the ad to your brand instead of using a clean stock photo. 


4. Avoid repeating imagery in several ads directed to the same audience

Using the same picture over and over again when advertising on social media will make people think it’s always the same repeated ad, likely resulting in them scrolling away quicker and not giving it another chance. Another possible reaction is people start hiding your ads because they’re tired of seeing it over and over. 


5. Regionalise imagery and text when doing social media advertising

Localised imagery and text will mean your ads are more familiar and relatable for your target audience – which is especially key when concerning the Latin American public. Always prefer to hire local people to write your text and use pictures of people who look like they’re a part of your audience. 


6. Don’t leave interested people unanswered in the comments

There’s nothing more frustrating for a potential customer than to have their queries ignored – and Latin Americans tend to take it badly when a brand doesn’t interact on social media as much as they should. So, before conducting social media advertising make sure you’ll have someone in charge of responding to comments people may make. 


7. Don’t ignore the data you’ve collected

Ignoring the engagement levels and the tone people adopt when responding to the ads – among other data you can obtain when running social media advertising – is a waste of great opportunities for improvement. It’s true – who has to enjoy your ads is your target audience, not only yourself. If you and your team aren’t managing to find the right path to achieve the desired results, consider using the support of a specialised agency. 


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